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It was said that one day long ago, MagicConan14 stumbled across an ancient series of spells known as "anime". Anime has captivated MagicConan14 for almost as long as they've lived, and now they are hoping to analyse what makes them work. Categories you may want to peruse: archive: for posts imported to the Spellbook from... Continue Reading →

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A Unique Snowflake! (award post)

I'm about 2 weeks late on this nomination, but better late than never... Thank you, Amelia, for this nomination (it's not Irina for once, surprisingly). Amelia's clearly put a lot of effort into the visual aspect of her blog, from the banners (simple yet effective) to the infographic she cooked up for her followers regarding... Continue Reading →

Another Approach to Seasonal Anime Watching

Why “another”? Because Scott was first. I’m hoping to get my seasonal first impressions post out either tomorrow or the day after. However, since I never actually mentioned what my seasonal system was, that leaves just enough time to explain it right now... Before the season begins, I’ll load my PTW up and shop around... Continue Reading →

Animanga Spellbook Resolutions

As inspired by this and the various other posts involving looking back on a blog's progress. It’s a new year, so here are some blog resolutions I hope to keep in perspective. My blog's only been around for about 2 months, so I'll skip looking back on it for now. Cull some of that (anime)... Continue Reading →

The Best New Years Parties Start on the 29th!

It’s the second blogwarming party on Irina’s blog. Make sure to check it out, because a certain someone made one of the featured spots…

I drink and watch anime

Hi Guys! How has you December been? Yeah, mine was super busy too! But hey, at least we got it done, right!? I hope you all had wonderful Holidays or at least not completely horrible ones. Next year will be (even) better, I promise. We could all do a Christmas anime marathon together, that’ll be fun! I hope you’ll get the chance to rest up a little at least because 2018 is just around the corner and you will need your strength. There’s going to be a lot of work and a lot of partying to be done. I’m certainly looking forward to it. I have an idea, let’s start the partying right now, the work’ll get done eventually.

Even though I haven’t checked this time (super busy and all) I’m hopingKarandi from100 Word Anime andRemyfromThe Lily Garden will agree to once again share these…

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