Welcome to the Spellbook!

It was said that one day long ago, MagicConan14 stumbled across an ancient series of spells known as "anime". Anime has captivated MagicConan14 for almost as long as they've lived, and now they are hoping to analyse what makes them work. Categories you may want to peruse: archive: for posts imported to the Spellbook from... Continue Reading →

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10 Things That Bring Me Joy

Inspired by this post by Rose and this post by Crimson. 1) Planning I like to plan little outings every so often when I need something and then just go on them once the day comes - mostly involving hunting for specific things at the shops and/or library trips. However, I don't plan everything to... Continue Reading →

How Cowboy Bebop Does Horror Well

Cowboy Bebop - a perennial anime classic which manages to span many moods, including horror. I've said before anime doesn't do a lot of horror and one of those reasons is because other genres of anime do it better. Cowboy Bebop nails this, particularly with Toys in the Attic but also with Black Dog Serenade.... Continue Reading →

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