Fall 2017 Anime (and Why I Didn’t Get To This in my First Post)

I bumped Weekly Wednesday up to its proper weekly schedule instead of biweekly because I found myself way too willing to write more on a biweekly schedule. I know, I know. It’s three quarters into the season and my second week on Weekly Wednesday. Why didn’t I start with this? Well, there’s a few reasons... Continue Reading →

Mysterious, eh? (award post)

Okay, okay...it's not Wednesday yet. However, it seems I landed an award. Thank you to Irina for the award. Her answers are here if you want to read them. Irina's been my senpai ever since I started blogging on WordPress, so to use the time-honoured meme, I'm glad senpai noticed me. The award It is an award... Continue Reading →

Ode to Anime Studios – Bones

Let’s refresh this old series with one of my favourite studios. As a person who watches anime mostly with the volume off, I feel like anime studios are somewhat underrated. They are the groups that bring the source material to life, and while there's truly more than that in the industry, what reaches my eyeballs... Continue Reading →

Why Are Simulcasting Anime So Popular?

Let's kick off weekly Wednesday with this post... It’s a dilemma that pops up in any anime watcher’s life – to watch a simulcasting anime, or to watch something from the backlog, only to neglect that backlog yet again. Well, there’s the obvious one – simulcasting anime are the newest, hottest thing to come straight... Continue Reading →

FLCL and Being Left Behind

[Meta context: This is the second record of MagicConan14's writing in a WordPress style. It's done in a style for acceptance at Giga Drill Breakdown, so it does not reflect the style of either the Spellbook or Giga Drill Breakdown. Kudos to those at Giga Drill Breakdown who edited it, though.] Humans have a history... Continue Reading →

Kado vs ACCA

[Meta context: First published on July 6th 2017, this post...has its context explained in the header. It is edited slightly for consistency. You can find it on Tumblr here.] WordPress is the one place that’s been getting me off my lazy butt in writing these longer articles, and after bringing this up with Scott from Mechanical Anime... Continue Reading →

Kado’s Many Types of Appeal

[Meta context: First published on June 24th 2017, this post delves into the positives of Seikaisuru Kado, which was at the time being shunned for a particularly bad plot twist. The post is edited slightly for consistency. You can find the post on Tumblr here.] (This was an article I’d typed a few weeks ago, but... Continue Reading →

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu and Gender

[Meta context: First published on February 6th 2017, this is the first record of MagicConan14's writing in a WordPress style, slightly edited for better understanding and consistency. You can find it on Tumblr here.] People have already elaborated on Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu in regards to the feminine aspects, but I want to focus on episode... Continue Reading →

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