FLCL and Being Left Behind

[Meta context: This is the second record of MagicConan14's writing in a WordPress style. It's done in a style for acceptance at Giga Drill Breakdown, so it does not reflect the style of either the Spellbook or Giga Drill Breakdown. Kudos to those at Giga Drill Breakdown who edited it, though.] Humans have a history... Continue Reading →

Touken Ranbu Anime – Blessing, or Just Plain Bad?

[Meta context: First published on September 5th 2017, this post is a deeper response to Karandi's Katsugeki Touken Ranbu posts (one is linked in the post itself, the other is this one). This post has been edited slightly for consistency - note MagicConan14 has played the Touken Ranbu game before. You can find the original version... Continue Reading →

Kado vs ACCA

[Meta context: First published on July 6th 2017, this post...has its context explained in the header. It is edited slightly for consistency. You can find it on Tumblr here.] WordPress is the one place that’s been getting me off my lazy butt in writing these longer articles, and after bringing this up with Scott from Mechanical Anime... Continue Reading →

Kado’s Many Types of Appeal

[Meta context: First published on June 24th 2017, this post delves into the positives of Seikaisuru Kado, which was at the time being shunned for a particularly bad plot twist. The post is edited slightly for consistency. You can find the post on Tumblr here.] (This was an article I’d typed a few weeks ago, but... Continue Reading →

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu and Gender

[Meta context: First published on February 6th 2017, this is the first record of MagicConan14's writing in a WordPress style, slightly edited for better understanding and consistency. You can find it on Tumblr here.] People have already elaborated on Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu in regards to the feminine aspects, but I want to focus on episode... Continue Reading →

Ode to Anime Studios – Manglobe

[Meta context: First published on December 25th 2015, this was the only post for the Ode to Anime Studios series which should apply to the "archive" tag here. It is edited slightly for understanding and due to its age, it does not indicate the quality of future Ode to Anime Studios posts. You can find the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Spellbook!

It was said that one day long ago, MagicConan14 stumbled across an ancient series of spells known as "anime". Anime has captivated MagicConan14 for almost as long as they've lived, and now they are hoping to analyse what makes them work. Categories you may want to peruse: archive: for posts imported to the Spellbook from... Continue Reading →

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