Ode to Anime Studios – Manglobe

[Meta context: First published on December 25th 2015, this was the only post for the Ode to Anime Studios series which should apply to the “archive” tag here. It is edited slightly for understanding and due to its age, it does not indicate the quality of future Ode to Anime Studios posts. You can find the original post here.]

The Ode to Anime Studios synopsis:

As a person who watches anime mostly with the volume off, I feel like anime studios are somewhat underrated.

They are the groups that bring the source material to life, and while there’s truly more than that in the industry, what reaches my eyeballs in the end is the visuals and the subs.

I had the idea for this because of the “death” of Manglobe, so Manglobe it is.

Manglobe did Samurai Flamenco, and if you’ve been around [on Courage, a Word of Justice, the Tumblr that this post was being imported from] while you’ll know I used to love that. Gangsta was pretty good too, what I saw of it. It just wasn’t SFW…

…that’s not the point though, that was just to show that what I saw of Manglobe didn’t look like it was bankrupt. Their stuff was pretty high quality.

Knowing how anime studios work (they get hired out on a project by project basis), it must have been pretty tough to have to die, especially in the leadup to Genocidal Organ which was pretty hyped.

So here’s condolences to Manglobe, and if you haven’t seen anything Manglobe this year, check something out.

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