Welcome to the Spellbook!

It was said that one day long ago, MagicConan14 stumbled across an ancient series of spells known as “anime”. Anime has captivated MagicConan14 for almost as long as they’ve lived, and now they are hoping to analyse what makes them work.

Categories you may want to peruse:

  • archive: for posts imported to the Spellbook from other blogs.
  • Ode to Anime Studios: A series of posts to appreciate anime studios, as its name says. Posts should occur once a month on the final Saturday (MagicConan14’s time) unless they apply to the “archive” category.
  • weekly Wednesday: MagicConan14 will post a fresh post once every week on Wednesday (their time)…at least, they intend to.
  • must-read monthly Monday: A round-up post from here and other places. May contain updates from the blog owner. Posts should occur 5 days before the Ode to Anime Studios for the month goes up, MagicConan14’s time.
  • seasonal predictions/seasonal rankings: Starting from the winter 2018 anime season, MagicConan14 will post their predictions/final season thoughts whenever they are able to (outside the schedule of other posts).

[This post will be edited as more categories arise or things change.]

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