Ode to Anime Studios – Bones

Let’s refresh this old series with one of my favourite studios.

As a person who watches anime mostly with the volume off, I feel like anime studios are somewhat underrated.
They are the groups that bring the source material to life, and while there’s truly more than that in the industry, what reaches my eyeballs in the end is the visuals and the subs.

Now, please leave all your skeleton jokes behind when you hit the cut…

Ah, Studio Bones. Where would we be without its awesome animation and beloved shows? From Angelic Layer to Mob Psycho 100, they’ve run the gamut on pretty much every genre you can think of. They’ve collaborated with Stan Lee on Heroman, bent historical reality with Concrete Revolutio…yeah, they’re both a big name and good at what they do.

You can see why they get hired again and again – fluid animation, sometimes the most experimental work the medium’s ever seen (lookin’ at you, Mob Psycho!). One of the big trump cards these guys hold is the maker of Yutapon cubes, Yutaka Nakamura, and of course they use the man sparingly (or else his artistry would go to waste).

The only negative point is that even a good studio will have some stinkers and some average-looking shows. I haven’t come across any real stinkers from Bones just yet, but the aforementioned Angelic Layer, while holding that distinctive CLAMP style and that clean look from the early 2000s, could easily be interchangeable with another studio. (However, that’s from Bones’ older days while they were freshly an offshoot from Sunrise, so we can let that comment slide.)

Unfortunately, as of this post going to press, they’re quite booked out. If you haven’t seen it already, they have 5 studios, each of which is busy with somethin in the near future. (However, judging by that piece of news, studio A seems to be the most likely to move on to something new next.)

Well, what does that mean for us?

It means all we can do is sit back, enjoy their past works and support the people at the studio as much as we can.

After all, that’s what we’re here for, right?



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    1. Well, I can’t say it goes for everything since some of their work is adapting manga (thus you can’t really hold the animation studio responsible for the characterisation), but on that front, they get some great source material to adapt.


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