Why Saying Goodbye Was Not Enough (11th Day of Anime)

There was one franchise I had the great (?) fortune of saying goodbye to it this year. That franchise? Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE!.

Boueibu (as Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! is known to fans) had a final OVA appear on Crunchyroll in November. However, the OVA had a significant problem in the form of it being roughly half a clip show from previous material (about 20 minutes of a total of 58, with a standard OP and slideshow ED also shelling out about 6 minutes) and the other rough half being new material which was almost the same as the old stuff.

Certainly, the new material – about Yumoto refusing to believe his third year senpais were going to graduate and leave the second years and him behind – was touching. It could have done a lot better since Yumoto just rants and sulks to kill a few minutes, but the climactic scenes are enough to make a fan remember why they joined the Boueibu train in the first place. (If anyone’s seen it already, they’ll understand why I used those exact words.)

However, looking back on it, the clip show half was great for nostalgia but didn’t do the fans justice…

Why were Boueibu fans stuck with a clip show, anyway?

One possible reason: according to Anime News Network, Shinji Takamatsu and Michiko Yokote were the only two of the big-credit staff from season 2 working on the OVA. There would normally be more than 2 people, working with each other to check that the show made sense and ensured the show was the best possible product it could be. This understaffing meant they couldn’t extract the full potential of the material.

Another possible reason: the DVDs and Blu-Rays sold extremely well in their debut sales week, meaning the production staff were likely trying to milk the “it’s ending” feeling and convert it to money while the time was ripe. (Then again, there were tickets to an event – Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! CG LIVE! Binan Festival! – attached to the OVA discs, so that is a less likely factor than the first.)

Third possible reason: Anime fans forget easily, and move on just as easily. In the age of seasonals and binge-watching, it’s easy to think the one obsession you have right now can last forever when it won’t – a symptom of living in the moment.

Killing a show while it’s on the rise allows for the angst to continue for years on end. It allows for people to get grumpy enough and demand the show come back, using their money as the incentive…(assuming the show stays in the public consciousness for long enough).

Boueibu’s already had 2 seasons and its reception is lukewarm in the English-speaking fandom. Its momentum will surely die out before a hypothetical season 3 comes, especially because the “final event” has already been set for February and the OVA was already billed as a last call to say goodbye.

…Or it could have even been a mixture of the three reasons, or some other reason entirely. However, these are the likely reasons I can think of.

Boueibu will soon be nothing more than a whisper in the fans’ ears. Something they treasured for a while, but then never thought about afterwards.

That’s why this goodbye, of all the choices that could have been taken, was not the best it could have been. However, for the sake of the 2 years of memories I made with Boueibu, I’ll believe in it, and keep supporting it in whatever way I can.

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