Ode to Anime Studios – Studio Comet

Why Studio Comet and not a more renowned studio after Bones? Well, Studio Comet were responsible for the visuals on Boueibu season 2 and the Boueibu OVA, and I hadn’t heard of them prior to those two stints.

According to Anime News Network, Studio Comet has done a lot of in-between animation or second key animation, which is probably where a lot of their reputation came from – they’ve touched Star Driver, Rampo Kitan and Blue Exorcist (among other shows) in this way. However, they do have a small yet sizeable bunch of shows they did handle animation production on, including Initial D...majority of the Jewelpet franchise and Suzuka…?

Uh, yeah. Let’s…leave their non-Boueibu shows alone.

Well, at least these guys have age on their side (they had their 30th anniversary in 2016, making them 32 in 2018) and they have a CG division called Subaru. Huh, come to think of it, there was that one monster in Boueibu season 2 which had CGI on it – the carousel monster.

(Source: Shinji Takamatsu’s tweet regarding the carousel monster)

I guess Subaru was responsible for that and the Boueibu CG LIVE! events that have been so popular in Japan lately. By the way, “Subaru” refers to the Pleiades constellation (and not the guy from Re:Zero or the car company) in Japanese so…they have a cool space naming theme to boot. That’s also presumably why their website is covered in a space motif.

If you look at Studio Comet’s work for Boueibu, it’s slick and clean, plus significantly less muddy than Diomedea did to the first season (just to prove my point, take a look at the images below). In my opinion, Comet’s work is actually more fitting for the magical boy show, because in order to get the parody across, Boueibu needs to play the same hand as its predecessors in the visual department. In short, Studio Comet don’t have sakuga like Bones do, but they certainly get the job done in a decent way and that’s what keeps the businesspeople coming back.

Compare this, which is from Diomedea… (Source: Boueibu season 1 episode 3)



…to this, which is by Studio Comet. (Source: Boueibu season 2 episode 11)

Well, that bit of research explained a lot. You’ve simply never heard of this studio, in comparison to other studios like Bones or Madhouse, because they work their butts off behind the scenes via outsourcing and the like…and they’re not necessarily getting all the press for it.

Appreciate your animators, guys. You never know which of your beloved shows they’ve worked on in the past.

Update: When I said “I guess”, I admit I didn’t do much research. However, I was right on the money about the carousel monster (see “CG work” on the Anime News Network page), although I still don’t have any concrete sources for how the CG LIVE! events’ CGI is done.


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  1. Well, I just did a bit of research and started looking if there was any show of this studio that I moght have seen, but erm…no. That’s actually quite embarassing for me 🙈🙈 But with the enormous blacklist I have for anime, I always seem to be running behind on everything. Still, appreciate you putting this studio in the spotlight. Great post! 😀

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