Ode to Anime Studios – TROYCA

Idolish7’s true debut is this month, so get out your glowsticks and let’s talk TROYCA!

Studio TROYCA is a bit of an anomaly in that they’re quite the unknown quantity. They’re fairly new, having only started business in 2013, but they have quite the impressive resume already. From their lesser-known resume, TROYCA’s had a hand in shows and movies beloved in the Western world (In This Corner of the World), their native Japan (Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu) and even both (Mob Psycho 100).

More often than not, TROYCA is credited with work that seems to include a certain Ei Aoki. Apparently Aoki is most famous for involvement with the Fate franchise (specifically Fate/Zero), but TROYCA has no involvement in that as a studio…

TROYCA doesn’t have any hallmarks in particular due to the small number of shows, but if you think about TROYCA’s portfolio, they tend to do works with lots of drama (and considering their breakout work was Aldnoah Zero, “drama” is practically their signature). Notably though, Aldnoah Zero is a coproduction with A-1 Pictures, so not all of the credit can be given to them (especially given all the “most of the credit goes to A-1!” Darling in the Franxx buzz as of late), but…credit where credit is due, I guess.

Currently, there are two adaptions with TROYCA as a main studio, A Corpse is Buried at Sakurako’s Feet (based on a light novel) and Idolish7 (based on a mobile game), which look clean and spiffy with minimal off-model shots if I can even spot them at all. Having played through a bit of the Idolish7 game myself, I can tell you the visuals from the anime are quite faithful to the original game. (However, it has been noted in places where Idolish7 is discussed that while Arina Tanemura was credited with creating the designs, Kazumi Fukagawa – one of the people working on the game who is also experienced as an animation director – refined them further for animation, and thus both get top billing in that regard, so thank Fukagawa for that consistency.) If anything, Idolish7 is a departure from TROYCA’s status quo because all their other works as main studio are multi-demographic appealers, whereas this one is set in more of a female demographic niche, plus Idolish7 has a light comedy side involving the boys’ banter.

Also a particularly interesting note is that TROYCA (the word, not the studio!) refers to a team of three in Russian. (Note about the link: It will expire after January 31st 2018.)

Basically speaking: the future looks very bright for TROYCA with their star power, fluid animation and their willingness to branch out from their established norms. That’s why TROYCA is my new favourite studio.


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