Evangelion and Madoka Magica in Retrospect

I updated the About page a few days ago, because my Japanese knowledge has snuck itself into my posts twice now and there's no point hiding where it comes from. As for today's topic...well, I finally got around to finishing Puella Magi Madoka Magica last week, and I finished Neon Genesis Evangelion in the week before... Continue Reading →

Past + Future = Present (Short Peace Review)

The wait for the simulcast season to settle in is making the Spellbook kind of empty... I haven't actually seen Akira or anything else by the guys who handled Short Peace, so I didn't really know what to expect from this aside from knowing its name and Academy Award nomination from an email newsletter. Synopsis: A... Continue Reading →

Animanga Spellbook Resolutions

As inspired by this and the various other posts involving looking back on a blog's progress. It’s a new year, so here are some blog resolutions I hope to keep in perspective. My blog's only been around for about 2 months, so I'll skip looking back on it for now. Cull some of that (anime)... Continue Reading →

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