Should One Have to Quantify Whether They Are an Anime Fan?

This will be the last post before all the manga-themed posts come. Like I've said, it's merely that the series has to have a manga to be eligible for March, which doesn't actually constrain my usual boundaries too much... As for this post, this is a response to something of Lina’s. I've paid attention to the... Continue Reading →

Ode to Anime Studios – Sunrise

You know how I said in the Must-read Monthly Monday for this month how I'd be getting to my 2018 regular routine soon? It still hasn't happened yet, but I'm already starting to doubt my choices (since I chose to deal with Japanese from two different perspectives for this part of the year - one... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on The Reflection

Even though you could still count 2018 as being "new" at this point, I’m still reflecting on 2017 shows due to this being a 12 Days of Anime reject... In case you don’t remember because you passed on it or erased it from your memory, The Reflection is a summer 2017 show with the top... Continue Reading →

Ooh, shiny… (award post)

Never has there been an award shinier than this one. Shout out to Lina at Tiny Ugly Animal for this nomination. Admittedly, I am rather selective about what I look at from my Reader but Lina's crappy anime posts are consistently entertaining. Those are a piece of sunshine to my day (even if the anime... Continue Reading →

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