Meaning of Life (An Important Announcement!)

You may not ever know what the meaning of life is, but blogger friends, you’ll certainly get some meaning out of life with this announcement.

What is the meaning of life?


I admit I’m not a philosophy person (although I did consider becoming one at one point), so I couldn’t possibly answer that question for you. Regardless of what you think the answer is though, one possible answer is “forty-two”…(Why? Ask The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.)

Since I have 42 total followers at the moment, I have a special announcement to make: I’m opening up collaboration opportunities for the Spellbook!Β Note these include both ones I initiate and ones others initiate, so please don’t be shy about it!

You’re probably asking why I couldn’t wait for 50 followers. 42 is a weirder number, so it holds more significance.

A few things to make clear before any collabs happen:

  • If you wish to collab with me, the easiest ways to go about it would probably be either the contact page or a direct message on Twitter (which you can find links for in the Spellbook’s header and menu, respectively). These days I can be found occasionally popping into the Aniblogger Coalition’s Discord channel where there is a #collaboration-corner, but I doubt I’ll be there all the time.
  • This is an anime and manga blog, so you’ll have to stick to those topics. You may need to ask about missing titles from my AniList (which is a link on the Spellbook’s header) if you really want to collab on them, but whatever’s on the lists should be mostly correct – although the anime list is much more accurate than the manga list.
  • If your collab happens to fall on a day where something (a Weekly Wednesday, Ode to Anime Studios or Must-read Monthly Monday) is already meant to appear on the Spellbook, the regularly-scheduled post is always released earlier in the day compared to the other post. Thus, if you’re seeking exposure for yourself and become affected by this, be prepared to cop the smaller viewcount of the later timeslot.
  • I already have a lot of unfinished non-collab post drafts sitting in Word documents, so should we work with a topic that’s already part of one of my drafts, it may affect the draft as well.
  • I have refused to participate in a podcast in the past. The reasons for this: 1) I don’t like the sound of my voice on recordings, 2) I don’t own a voice changer and don’t know how to use a voice-changing tool, 3) I’d like to keep some level of privacy and 4) I don’t really like podcasts in the first place (I’ve only listened to the Innominate Podcast and the Aniblogger Coalition, and that’s because I’m a fan of bloggers that participated plus in the case of the latter, I’m already a part of the Aniblogger Coalition Discord channel). Therefore, I will not participate in your podcast, should you approach me for one. Sorry.



3 thoughts on “Meaning of Life (An Important Announcement!)

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  1. Lol…I thought this would be a call for collabs to uncover the meaning of life. πŸ˜† Collabs are cool, but I’m not sure I have time recently. Would definitely keep that in mind for the future though!

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  2. Well, I already have three collab posts coming up in the upcomibg month or so. But I will keep this in mind for the future (maybe in April), as it’s a cool idea. So far I have only done one collab post but that was a lot of fun 😊 So will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks for offering this πŸ˜‰

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