The Great(?) Light Novel Adaption Project: Pt III

The previous 2 posts in the project have brought a person who wasn’t particularly impressed by light novel adaptions to give them another chance. Here are the impressions from the end of the remaining series.

With a final reminder that the related bingo cards are found here, let’s continue the quest…


My other bingo card was much more suitable for this!!! (That disappoints me, because I made this card specifically for DanMachi’s subgenre.) Basically I didn’t win bingo, but DanMachi wasn’t too bad either. It was just the ecchi moments that turned me off from this show, like the 3 episode test proved.

I feel like the Argonaut/Realis Phrase combo is kinda OP, but since that’s the skills’ job, it’s kind of acceptable. Realis Phrase wasn’t explained too well though, plus from what Hermes was yelling at the end, this is obviously just Part 1 of a huge story that people expect to be a cash cow. Considering Sword Oratoria came out (and apparently that’s bad according to the general consensus of DanMachi fans, so I’ll avoid it like the plague), you can see the yen signs in the businessmen’s eyes already…That titan from the last episode though? I get why it’s a good final boss for this part of the adaption, but really, the Attack on Titan comparisons were inevitable.

Also, one last thing: Miach is the best drinking buddy, and the best boy. (I say that, and I don’t even drink…)


That…didn’t stand out too much aside from maybe the visuals (which weren’t consistent all the time) and the handling of the themes of death and letting go. The CGI use was a bit much – it did work well for the most part, but I still don’t get why it had to be marbles in the OP, of all things.

The problem with this show is that while its death theme works well with it, the death theme controls the entire plot. Maybe I’m just a tad irked because I liked Manato, but I’m not afraid to point out the show could’ve handled a bit more development on the magic, society or “how we got to this world” gimmick. (That last one in particular, because it’s so vague I can’t put a cross down for it.)

It did indeed have an open ending, which reeks of “read the light novel” slightly.

Anyways, I’m not being critical because the show was bad – it really wasn’t. I’m just mentioning all these things because it could’ve been a bit better in many ways.

While I was watching, I did come up with a few ideas for Grimgar-specific posts and DanMachi-specific posts, so if they ever make it to the Spellbook in a completed format, please look out for them.

So…that’s it. It took me about 3 months to get this 3 post series done. I need a break from isekais now…

What do you think about this?

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