A Walk Through the Park (Vers. 1)

A few spins of the random number generator later, here we are…

This is part of a writing collab between a few of us anibloggers, with the shared theme of “couple” and “park”.

At first I spun and got “samurai”, then I rerolled to get “harem”. There’s some demand (from AstralGemini and Plyasm) to do a samurai harem but I already had a reverse harem partially done at the time they asked, so version 1 is the reverse harem and version 2 is the samurai harem – it’s a group of similar characters with the same names in two different realities, if you will.

(Keep in mind if I’m writing fiction, I’m pretty incapable of writing the posts I normally do for the Spellbook and vice versa, so this writing comes off as slightly stiff.)

“Let’s go to the theme park this weekend! Sunday, 10 am! How about that?” For some reason, a black-haired boy – probably a few years her junior – had approached her out of the blue to announce this. He seemed to have terrible dress sense (after all, who would match yellowed cargo pants with a red shirt?), but otherwise there wasn’t anything about him that stood out.

What’s up with this guy? Setsuna wondered, tentatively trying to finish reading the last sentence of a page in a textbook as she tried to keep the flighty boy in her view. He seems to know who I am, but I’ve never met him before…


That’s how Setsuna was stuck in a swan boat in the middle of the theme park’s lake with an admirer she didn’t know the name of. Even though Setsuna tried to pull her weight with the pedals, the way he cycled the boat around with a teasing smirk on his face was both refreshing for her legs and yet infuriating at the same time.

The two tried for a pedal at the same time, causing the swan boat to topple over…!

“I-I’ll save you!” stammered a suited onlooker with dark messed-up hair, only to be beaten to the punch by someone else in a suit – an older brunette.


In the end, it was just Setsuna’s companion who needed saving…

What a weirdo, she mentally complained as she rolled her eyes. If you’re going to try showing off to me like that, you’re going to need to know how to swim…

She stopped wringing out her white sundress when she made eye contact with the two who had witnessed her going in. “You’re Martin, right? The son of that businessman-”

“Please don’t announce that to the universe!” Martin protested, his face red. The sopping wet brunette poked his face into the conversation to some recognition from Setsuna’s companion (whose name turned out to be Ryou), which was then reciprocated (Martin’s companion was Setsuna’s senior at the library, Hinata). Then, after a round of thank-yous and apologies, the four of them set foot into the depths of the theme park.


The quartet went to the haunted house next. They were almost immediately confronted by ghosts, demons and blood (all fake).

It still fooled Hinata, though. In the end, he was so freaked out he had to tiptoe back with the flashlight on his phone on and settle down with some takoyaki while waiting for the others to deal with the bogus spectres.


Some takoyaki and a break later, Ryou halted in front of a rollercoaster, so the lot of them piled in with Martin behind Setsuna and Hinata next to him.

Almost as soon as the rollercoaster began to move, Martin was already gripping the handrail in front of him in terror. Ryou was beaming from ear to ear while Hinata kept quiet and poker-faced as always.

However, when the ride was nearing its end and the vehicle crawled into an ascent inside a cave, Hinata let go of the handrail and leaned forward…

“Can we really be something more?” he whispered into Setsuna’s ear, almost inaudibly, as the rollercoaster made its final and steepest descent, and he left her with nothing but rhetorical questions as their lips met briefly…


“Why’s this girl so flustered?” Ryou asked the others as Setsuna stepped off the rollercoaster in a daze with a flushed face.

Hinata just gave him a smug look and a finger to the lips, as if to say, “It’s a secret between her and me.”

So, did you like this collab? Which version of Setsuna and her boys did you like better?



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