A Walk Through the Park (Vers. 2)

We’re back with Setsuna and co.!

Just as a recap…

This is part of a writing collab between a few of us anibloggers, with the shared theme of “couple” and “park”.

At first I spun and got “samurai”, then I rerolled to get “harem”. There’s some demand (from AstralGemini and Plyasm) to do a samurai harem but I already had a reverse harem partially done at the time they asked, so version 1 is the reverse harem and version 2 is the samurai harem – it’s a group of similar characters with the same names in two different realities, if you will.

(Keep in mind if I’m writing fiction, I’m pretty incapable of writing the posts I normally do for the Spellbook and vice versa, so this writing comes off as slightly stiff.)

The chaotic story of the alternate-universe chanbara began in a park.

“U-Um, what do you mean, the actress is going to be the samurai?” Martin the errand boy stammered as he rolled the final camera into place over a haphazard tree root.

“It’s what’ll bring in the masses!” the director, Ryou, demanded with a shake of his script as he wandered around leisurely. “People love a strong female character, so that’s what we’ll give ’em!”

“B-But it’s about to rain!” Martin attempted again.

“That’s how the first scene opens,” Ryou grumbled with some finality.

So it was that the star actress Setsuna Higashiyama was outfitted with armour and provided the script…


It is the 1800s. Ronin Setsuna Higashiyama wanders the land in search of a meaning for her life, because the war that was happening in this Japan has mostly dissipated. She was never meant to survive, but…well, here she is now on her horse in the rain.

(“Okay, who decided I had to be on a horse at this part?” the actress grumbled, getting off the unruly black beast as she manhandled the reins and crossed out this part in her script. “The rain part is alright, but the horse is excessive for a park shoot.”)

“Higashiyama-san, it is said that lately there have been foreign forces who wish to claim Japan for themselves,” echoes the empress in Setsuna’s mind. “All samurai are being corralled to fight them off, and that includes you.”

“What are we going to do about the men? They don’t know how to fight!” Setsuna had shot back-

-Oh look, here come the foreign forces now! 

At this part of the script, a group of soldiers dressed up in Napoleon-style outfits came storming in, including Martin.

The female samurai defeat the foreign forces with ease, but since there is compassion in their hearts, they each choose one to leave alive as a testament to their restraint…and bloodily slaughter the rest.


“This story’s ridiculous!” Setsuna cried, throwing down her prop sword with tears of anguish in her eyes. “I agreed to this because you paid me good money for this, Ryou…”

She scrunched up her script and stormed out of the shooting area using the horse she’d abandoned at the start of the shooting session, leaving a confused Ryou behind.

“Setsuna, wait!” Martin called after her.

“What would you know? You’re just some behind-the-scenes guy who ended up being dragged into the movie on the director’s request!” she bawled, wiping away stray tears.

“I’m not just a ‘behind-the-scenes guy’. I’m the behind-the-scenes guy who pursued this line of work specifically to see why this Setsuna Higashiyama would want to go so far…” He punctuated this moment with a short peck on the lips. “Please continue.”

…so she did.


“Please don’t do this.” Hinata, one of the previous survivors, comes to Setsuna’s side just as she is about to begin this gory ritual and holds her wrist back.

“It is my duty,” she dismisses as she twists away from him and thrusts her wrist forwards into her first captive.

The end. 

So, did you like this collab? Which version of Setsuna and her boys did you like better?

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