“If I could turn back time, to the good old days…” (A Grim Time in Grimgar)

If you don’t recognise the title lyrics, here you go. However, this post is about the ending (the last third or so) of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash episode 8 and is only linked to those lyrics thematically. Haruhiro was always introspective, but after Manato’s death it inevitably became a lot more evident. Thus, the... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Reputation

The 3rd episode of the Innominate Anime Podcast got me thinking: why do we give certain seasons of anime titles like “season of the year” or just plain “bad”? People have been complaining about the winter 2018 season being “lopsided” or “biased” towards slice of life or cute girls doing cute things, and thus dismissing... Continue Reading →

Love Forever (Award Post)

Whoo! 500 likes and counting! ...but I've got a question: how do these hybrid award posts work, exactly? By blending up award posts, it gets to a point where you can't recognise what the original was and nobody'll want to continue the chain. That's a real shame, because nominating others is an honour and getting... Continue Reading →

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