25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Days 1/2

If you have no idea what I’m doing with this post, here you go.

Day 01 – First Anime Crush

My memories of my first anime crush are pretty vague, admittedly. I think when I was of the age where I realised I liked anime guys, I was in my big Detective Conan phase and so the answers are probably either Kaito Kuroba or Shinichi Kudo, the two most obvious subjects for fanfics back when I was a crazy fanfic writer.

Even before that though, there was something special about Sailor Moon‘s Tuxedo Mask. I was only exposed to a tiny bit of Sailor Moon at the time (through the 90s dub, of course). The “bit” in question was so tiny, to the point where I didn’t know who the Moon Princess really was and so I may not have admitted to myself that I had a crush on him…

…but I mean, come on – who doesn’t swoon for a snappily-dressed dude whose purpose is to throw roses, say some witty lines and rescue you?

However, I also admit I did have some grumbles towards Darrien for saying mean things to Serena…

Day 02 – Supporting Male Crush

I’m going to assume this means “supporting character you like” and not “guy you like who would be supportive”, because the second option is a lot vaguer than the first.

I tend to cling on to main characters and supporting characters rather than villains, so this is a lot harder than it should be. However, I do have a fairly recent example up my sleeve – Victor von Granzreich (or however you spell his name), the king in The Royal Tutor (Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine). Kai is my boy from Royal Tutor, but I had an unnatural amount of love for Victor…even though he’s, y’know…

I think it was the anime-original ending and that time where Licht and Victor work in a cafe in particular that really solidified him as an anime crush. I’m a lot more neutral on characters who have a defining trait of “playboy”, which is why I don’t like Licht but like his father. I think the worst sin Licht commits is that he doesn’t try hard enough, though…

Just for your reference, my 2D crushes are often long-haired (at least shoulder-length), white-haired and their defining trope is that they’re lazy (and require coaxing to do things they don’t want to do). These three tropes aren’t always together and sometimes they’re not present in a character I like at all.

I’m also a sucker for characters who act embarrassed/shy at times, but have a braver aspect or “second face” to them as well (e.g. Yamanbagiri Kunihiro from Touken Ranbu, Mr Wolf from Halloween/Valentine’s Otome), although they’re much harder to detect.

Well, I think that’s more than enough hints for some of the upcoming male characters on this challenge, so what do you think about my choices? Who are your picks, if you’re not doing the challenge yourself?

Finally, don’t forget to support Arthifis and Mel on their collab! It also came to my attention that Lina’s doing this challenge with us, so please support her too.

8 thoughts on “25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Days 1/2

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    1. I definitely feel the same about Yamanbagiri. There’s just something extremely moe about his feelings over his complex, and there’s an interesting duality about how those can be explored.


  1. I had to google them all. 😳 I am so out of touch with some anime but after some googling I can say that they are cute. Well, I know who Yamanbagiri is at least and he is my bae from Touken Ranbu and that for the reason you write. I look forward to your next hot ones.

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