Spellbooks and Horoscopes

It’s still the start of a new anime season, so it’s the perfect time for a collaboration…

MC14: I’ve already explained why I like the magical girl genre in another post so it would be inevitable to team up with a fellow aniblogger to do a collaboration someday. That’s why I’ve teamed up with AstralGemini of the Zodiac Room to check out Mahou Shoujo Ore and Boueibu Happy Kiss for you guys.
Astral: I’m super glad to be a part of this! As a lover of Magical Girl shows myself, I’ve certainly watched plenty, but I’ve never really taken the chance to dive into the genre beyond the surface level. I’m excited to have such an awesome guide to draw me deeper into the genre!
MC14: By the way, for this collab (which should be weekly, give or take a week depending on what Crunchyroll does) and maybe the future you’ll see me going under the name “Aria”. It’s not my real name, but it works for our purposes.
Astral: Indeed, that’s a far easier name to call you by than your full WordPress name. Less syllables is always a good thing, especially when we’ll have so much to talk about!
Speaking of what we’re talking about, of these two shows that we’ve picked, one of them, being Boueibu, is actually technically a sequel, or continuation of a show. I haven’t seen the original show yet, but I’ve been assured that it shouldn’t matter all that much… though there may be some spoilers for the first season to watch out for.
Aria: With that said, for these shows, we don’t have the power to review them as our normal selves.
Astral: Exactly! But fear not, for with our minds combined, we have been able to obtain power far greater than our normal selves! That’s right! It’s time to show off our true power!

<Transformation!> Let the stars be your guide; I command the celestial spirits! Zodiac Gem!

<Transformation!> Let’s summon the winds of change and bring hope to the universe! Aera Heart!
Astral: Now that we’re transformed and powered up, we’re ready to take on this challenge! So, without further ado…

Astral & Aria:


So, what do you think of our magical alter egoes? I admit I spent way too much time deliberating over mine, but you can ask Astral about his.

The next posts in this saga will have Mahou Shoujo Ore on the Spellbook and Boueibu Happy Kiss at the Zodiac Room. They’re planned for sometime this weekend, so until then, Aera Heart…out!

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  1. warms my heart to see bloggers collaborate and simply just have fun in the experience. I can tell you guys are seriously into in given that transformation part, lol. congrats and good luck!

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