25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Days 5/6

Please excuse my liberally-inserted pictures. I’m using them as a test run for the Spellbooks and Horoscopes collab.

Day 05 – Favourite Supernatural Anime Crush

“Supernatural” is another of those genres stuffed full of potential for hot guys, all with their own merits, so who can I pick this time?

I realised I’m choosing way too many blondes for this challenge, so let’s go back to my precious white-haired boys with the title character from Gugure! Kokkuri-san. Considering the other choices in that show are a dog spirit with no real gender distinction, an alien, a shotacon tengu (it’s implied he’s pretty under that mask, but I only have so much patience for a second season) and a crapulent old man tanuki, it’s pretty easy to see why I picked him.

Just look at that hair, though…It’s so pretty… (Source: Gugure! Kokkuri-san ED)

As for the perks Kokkuri has, he is a homebody in the best sense of the term, as in “he’ll do your chores, no questions asked”, and in most other respects he’s a perfect house husband. Unlike the other inhabitants of Kohina’s household, he’s actually helpful to others (not just Inugami and Shigaraki, but also that salesman and his daughter in one episode). He’s incredibly loyal to whoever he serves, and he’s extremely cute in both fox form and human form…er, but since this is the anime male challenge, let’s forget that stint where he temporarily turned into a woman…

(Small anime-only(?) bonus point: his white hair makes him look really good in a disco suit.)

Day 06 – Favourite Thriller/Psychological Anime Crush

Thrillers are apparently the genre I rate the highest due to the somewhat recent addition of Ibara no Ou. However, I’m going to go with the “psychological” side of the prompt and pick Decim from Death Parade.

Despite his somewhat creepy hobby of collecting mannequins and those arbiter eyes of his that bring to mind Coraline, Decim is not a bad man. In fact, he’s a cinnamon bun, to use that somewhat-stale meme.


Decim also restrains things with strings, which is a lot more badass than it sounds. (Source: Death Parade ep 5)

Sure, he’s in a genre where the main point is not to ogle the guys, but he sure holds his own in a lot of respects such as being able to serve good food/drinks like any good bartender and being able to deal with unruly people who walk into his bar (*cough* Ginti *cough*). Even if he’s hard to read at first, when he shows his emotions, you just wanna hug him so hard…

…okay, maybe that last one isn’t a good a reason as the others, but it’s better than nothing, right?

I half-guessed Mel would pick a Psycho-Pass character for day 6, and while I was right on the series, I picked the wrong character, because I haven’t watched the show. Therefore I don’t know anyone from that show whose name isn’t “Shougo Makishima”, “Akane Tsunemori” or “Shinya Kogami”…

Here’s the post for Arthifis and Mel’s supernatural characters, as well.

Just to add some more variety to the challenge, let’s finish this little link lineup with Lina’s picks.

So, who would you pick for these prompts and what do you think of my picks?

(Also, should I have been more aware of my thing for blondes? I get the feeling I probably should’ve.)

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