Must-read Monthly Monday (April 2018 ed.)

April Fool's, lots of news and a crazy load of new anime just came our way. Let's see what's featured this month. If it's not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 27th of March 2018 to today (23rd April 2018). Navigation: Other People's Reads | Spellbook Offerings | The Past Month... Continue Reading →

Spellbooks and Horoscopes – Mahou Shoujo Ore Eps 1 & 2

Let's continue going into the strange world of magical girl parodies... Newly transformed into their magical warrior forms, our heroes are still getting to know their new powers. With not just one, but two foes looming on the horizon, how will our heroes defeat this threat? Aria: Mahou Shoujo Ore debuted early with two episodes... Continue Reading →

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