25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Days 7/8

Day 07 – Favourite Comedy Anime Crush

Ooh, comedy. As I’ve mentioned, it’s one of my favourite genres so I’ve got ample pickings here. I am keeping a few choices for later though, so here goes…

My favourite comedy crush comes from an integral step on the downward spiral to where I am now – Hataraku Maou-sama!. I think this challenge has proved that I pick a lot of the same sort of guy already, so with that said, it’s pretty easy to pinpoint who my choice is.

Alright, enough riling up. It’s Urushihara, aka Lucifer.

Sure, he’s extremely unlaudable (he’s lazy, he schemes against both Emi and Maou, he gets nagged at by Ashiya a lot and he’s often ignored to boot), but this is a comedy so those are all points in his favour for entertainment value. Aside from the white hair, he basically ticks off all the criteria I mentioned back in the first post (I’ve even read enough spoilers to learn he does get white hair at one point in the light novels, so…bonus points!).

He also brings one of the great fights about halfway through the anime and even though he’s such a low-level obstacle for Maou, there is a palpable sense of threat in the show from the Lucifer/Olba fight onwards. Basically, even if Maou is the main one who delivers this message in Hataraku Maou-sama!, don’t underestimate the complacent ones, lest they kick your butt into tomorrow.

Day 08 – Favourite Yaoi Anime Crush

I’m going to cheat a little and pick one member of what the fandom calls a “yaoi couple” but the anime doesn’t make clear that they are a yaoi couple (it probably constitutes “shonen ai” instead) – Goto from Samurai Flamenco. The technicality behind this one is the card game that was around when the anime was – it had card-collecting, and two were matching “June groom” cards which people take to be canon – as well as, of course, the big spoiler of the last-minute marriage proposal in the final episode.

As much as I love Masayoshi and all his love of justice/heroes, he’s very one-note. Goto on the other hand is very much a fish out of water in this world, and it colours everything he does in the show (even when he temporarily dons the moniker “Samurai Policeman”, he’s still the same old Goto). The straight man (LOL, how ironic) approach is definitely something to appreciate in a genre where everyone is like Masayoshi.

I have to point this out though, while I’m on the topic – the entire reveal of Goto’s girlfriend was definitely a strange turn, to say the least. It’s almost as if the fandom won over the anime staff and then the anime staff threw that spanner in the works to make Masayoshi and Goto “get together” for a dream finale of sorts. Not that I mind it, mind you…(I never questioned it when I was more head over heels for SamFlam, but now that I’ve rewatched the show and moved on a bit, I have enough audacity to point that out.)

Also, you gotta admit Mari was on to something there when she said she liked a man in uniform…*wolf whistles*

So that’s another post from me. Here’s Arthifis and Mel with their posts and Lina with hers.

What do you think about my picks? These ones certainly aren’t as based on their looks as the past ones were, which is an interesting turn…


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