Spellbooks and Horoscopes: Mahou Shoujo Ore Ep 3

As Mahou Shoujo Ore keeps going, even though it still has the same old humour, it’s starting to fall apart at the seams in some aspects.

Last time, Astral and Aria tried to attack a monster, only to let it flee in the end. However, the enemies are getting stronger, so they can’t afford to let this happen again…

Don’t mind us, we’re just getting some Zs in before the collab begins… (Source: Mahou Shoujo Ore ED)

Aria: I swear it’s flashback week this week…

Astral: Yeah, with a good chunk of this week’s episode dedicated to a flashback, I was a bit nervous as to how things would play out. I mean, typically, long flashbacks are a bit distracting and annoying, but as luck would have it, I actually didn’t mind this one.

Aria: They did manage to save it at the end with the fact it was Sakuyo’s narration, but I still think Boueibu and Mahou Shoujo Ore tackling a flashback in the same half of the episode is a bit close for comfort. That scene where Mohiro sings to attract animals is great, though.

Astral: Yeah, that was pretty adorable. Honestly I was worried the show would try and rerun the same gags over and over again, but it seems like they’ve got quite a few things up their sleeves to spice up the comedy, and even some little heartfelt moments as well.

Aria: I almost thought they were joking about the magical girl TV debut near the end, but hey, anything for story progression, am I right?

Astral: I really wonder how they’ll keep the story going from here… I hope it doesn’t go the super random route, though. I’d prefer to see a solid plotline.

Aria: Admittedly, they do have quite a few stray plot threads going already – (counts off on fingers) why are these monsters targeting Mohiro? Where are they coming from? Are we ever going to find out more about Saki’s mother’s magical girl life? Then there’s the idol business.

Astral: Could it be the same reason Mohiro’s singing seems to be able to control animals? (and teenage girls, apparently). I have a feeling that Mohiro’s partner in the idol business has something to do with all this as well. And yes, how are they gonna pull off being magical girl (boy) idols?

Aria: Yeah, I think Hyoe’s pretty sketchy too. As for how they’ll pull off being idols, I’m not quite sure myself, but I’m tempted to point to Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R as a precedent (i.e. they run off and defeat monsters in the middle of idol business).

Astral: I’m just imagining them (as girls) up on stage singing, then suddenly, demon attack, and the idols are suddenly big muscular dudes. The one thing I’ve noticed but the show hasn’t really touched on at all, is that Saki is a pretty dang awful singer. Maybe she’s tone deaf? Why nobody thinks to even mention it at all is beyond me though…but it’s probably the reason they haven’t really debuted in the first place… (That sounds really mean, but it’s true.)

Aria: Now that I think of it, the manager just wants a big break and he shows he has the connections for such a thing when an ad ends up in the Asano Shimbun (which, if it matches what it’s parodying, must have a pretty big readership!). Sakuyo, on the other hand, doesn’t speak out because of her love. When those two are the only ones paying attention to Saki’s terrible singing, you can see why it’s gone unmentioned…

Astral: That’s… actually a pretty good point.

Anyways, the show still looks pretty dang good, in an odd way. They seem to be taking a hint from One Punch Man with all the swapping between super high-rez muscles and the derpy derp face (I dunno what to call this):

I think Astral means this “derpy derp face”… (Source: One Punch Man ep 7)
…but you have to admit there is a resemblance there… (Source: Mahou Shoujo Ore ep 3)

Aria: Uhh…I don’t think that has a name. I guess we can just call it the “badly-drawn face”.

Oh yeah. Did you get the joke about Max Heart in the middle of the episode?

Astral: I don’t think I caught that, actually!

Aria: Well, Max Heart is the second series of PreCure and one of only two direct sequels in the franchise (so far). “Time to ‘Max Heart’ it up as a magical girl duo!” roughly means taking their magical girl stuff to the second stage…at least, that’s how I took it.

Astral: I’ve seen a few installments of the PreCure franchise, but it’s so enormous, I honestly don’t think I could tell you which ones they were…

Aria: Admittedly, the franchise did have its 15 year anniversary recently and the naming conventions of magical girl series mean that it takes a while to figure out what’s where in the PreCure world…but I digress. So, what are we going to do about this foe? It’s already waited for us a week.

Astral: The reliance this week mainly stemmed from their delving into the past – a long flashback. I think I have a way to deal with that.

Astral: Now, return to whence you came, creature! Nebula Vortex!

Nebula Vortex is an attack that engulfs an enemy in the energy of a nebula, said to be the beginning of the universe. To an enemy that draws strength from the past, this attack can be very deadly.

Aria: Luckily we aren’t holding back this time.

Both: Magical Explosion!

Aria: I think we’re getting better at this. Look out, future opponents, here we come!

…and so they detransformed and got back to their usual business. With 3 episodes down and 9 to go, our heroes have done well so far. Even though this week was all about the past in Mahou Shoujo Ore, it seems like the future will have nothing but obstacles for them…

< To be continued in the next post… >


So another chapter of the magical boy collab saga has closed. Will the two of us continue our streak of being too lenient to the foes of Boueibu Happy Kiss? Are we ever going to describe what attacks actually look like? More importantly, are we really going to come up with new attacks for every instalment?!

All the answers to this and more, when you head over to the Zodiac Room for the next instalment in Spellbooks and Horoscopes!

(Dang, writing this witty “next episode preview” was too fun…)

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