Bozebeats – the Weird, the Wild and the Wonderful

This post was an experiment – to see whether I could write a post’s worth of words on only 3 chapters' worth of material! (Meta context: With the untimely cancellation of Bozebeats, I better get this old post out of the way…) Due to this being on a Jump Start – a serialisation of a... Continue Reading →

Spellbooks and Horoscopes

It's still the start of a new anime season, so it's the perfect time for a collaboration... MC14: I’ve already explained why I like the magical girl genre in another post so it would be inevitable to team up with a fellow aniblogger to do a collaboration someday. That’s why I’ve teamed up with AstralGemini... Continue Reading →

Anime as Advertising

There are real ads, and then there are ads disguised as anime… I mentioned in one award post I like The Amazing Race (I’ll be referring to it later so henceforth it’s TAR), and so it’s pretty obvious when a show tries to shove products down my throat. Let’s take Sanrio Danshi, then, and see... Continue Reading →

Happiness is Just a Narrative Away

This is a reply to something, but it’s probably late… Two things I like in my anime are comedy and action, so it makes sense that I also like the genres of comedy and action. (If you’re wondering why this answer is different from Why I Love Magical Girl Anime, it’s because Pop Culture Literary’s... Continue Reading →

Gotta Collect ‘Em All!

Basically, where I gloat over my collection so far...even if it's tiny compared to most other people's collections... Meta context: I was waiting for April 1st to come to lay down some great content, but after scrapping stuff that was either not good enough for my publishing standards or that happened to used the same... Continue Reading →

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