Why Don’t Subtitlers Always Translate Anime Song Lyrics?

On Crunchyroll these days, it’s becoming easier to see songs being translated. So why doesn’t this happen more, and why hasn’t it happened more? I’ve noticed that Idolish7 gets its songs translated while the ending for the Boueibu LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! OVA, Kokoro to Kokoro de, got translated, so why is it that historically subtitlers -... Continue Reading →

Whatever Happened to the TBR/W Tag?

I keep forgetting to talk about what happens after I've done the initial TBR/W post... While I was setting up the roundup post for June, I realised I hadn't actually done anything for the TBR/W tag in a while. At first, I was just going to let my next post for it be a surprise,... Continue Reading →

Ode to Anime Studios – Madhouse

Strangely, I don’t know that much about Madhouse, despite it being one of my favourite studios… If I were to rate my favourite studios, Bones comes first but Madhouse comes second. Even if I do have a few Bones titles that I haven’t outright enjoyed (lookin’ at you, Heroman!), Bones has a real panache for... Continue Reading →

The Wonder of Aria the Animation

After revisiting Aria the Animation with my anime club, I've come to realise why I think of it so highly. Aria the Animation is one of those shows people use as a gateway iyashikei and/or slice of life and I was one of those people, although I did bingewatch it and so I forgot some... Continue Reading →

Must-read Monthly Monday (May 2018 ed.)

Another month has just flown past. Let's look back at what happened in it... If it's not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 23rd of April 2018 to today (21st May 2018). Navigation: Other People's Reads | Spellbook Offerings | A Turbulent Month | Coming up next... Other People's Reads It wouldn't... Continue Reading →

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