25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Days 9/10

I think these were two of the hardest prompts I’ve gotten for this entire challenge because they’re so general…

Day 09 – Favourite Male Wearing Glasses

Hoo boy, I actually have a lot of choices in this department…Since I haven’t watched Meganebu!, I’m trying to think of boys who both look good in glasses and are characterised by their glasses…

A-ha! I have the perfect choice!

The cool, cooler, coolest guy in the world. No, the universe!

Sakamoto (of Sakamoto Desu Ga?), of course.

Not only does he have the dashing looks and ability to get away with anything without trying, that entire OP is an ode to not only cool, but his glasses. Normally glasses are a signal to smarts, but for Sakamoto, they’re not just a defining trait, they’re an icon of him and the show that carries his name. Sure, you don’t know Sakamoto’s first name, but does it matter when that gives him an air of unattainable mystery?

It takes a lot of guts for a creator to make all their jokes revolve around one character, but Sakamoto’s got it made for whoever’s meant to write more adventures for him, glasses or no glasses…

Day 10 – Favourite Male Villain

Boueibu Happy Kiss has made me realise absence makes the heart grow fonder. That is, the absence of the boys from the previous seasons has really done a number on me, and inevitably there are comparisons between the new and old boys.

That’s why I’m giving this one to Akoya Gero of Boueibu. It certainly wasn’t elaborated on much in the anime itself (in fact, it was in the web manga), but Akoya’s narcissism hides a troubled past. Add that to his confident charm, his ability to rock anything (even a skirt in a Christmas card, and a fancy dress in the game!) and those fabulous pink locks with those blue eyes, and you’ve sold me.

It does help that the guy who portrayed Akoya in the stage play, Souta Kashiwagi, was really gung-ho about his role and really seemed to love his character, even though Akoya is the most minor of the main eight Boueibu boys.

Certainly, there’s a huge bunch of other villains I could’ve picked that have their own appeals, but I stand by my decision here.

That’s it for another week. We’ve got Arthifis and Mel’s posts here as well, and here’s Lina’s.

So what do you think about my choices? Do glasses make a man or does a man make the glasses? Alternatively, are there any villains that you think are better choices than Akoya?

What do you think about this?

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