Spellbooks and Horoscopes – Mahou Shoujo Ore Ep 4

There have been just as many successes as failures occurring in these collab posts, so what’s going to happen this time…?

Last time, the two heroes bungled their attack against a Boueibu Happy Kiss enemy…again. Hoping for more success this week, they carry on…

Aria: Some of the promotional material points to the fact two of the new characters (the idol girls in purple and yellow) are anime-original, which makes me wonder where Mahou Shoujo Ore is going with them appearing at this point in the story. Is it foreshadowing? Is it simply to characterise them? Or is it to just have some convenient victims who aren’t Mohiro?

These girls haven’t had much of a role yet, so keep an eye on them! (Source: Mahou Shoujo Ore eyecatch)

Astral: It’s possible that they’re just there for added cast potential and some moe. They do appear in the OP sequence, so I’d think they have some sort of value to the story, but… Typically, I’d say that like 9 times out of 10, anime-original characters don’t work out terribly well. I guess we’ll have to see how these ones manage to fit into the story, though…

Aria: True, but there was some other promotional material which showed some more magical boys with the exact same colours as those girls…which, in this show, can only mean one thing.

Astral: So they’re gonna surprise us with some more magical girl(boys)? Potentially an extra element to the love triangle as well, maybe? I mean, we do see one of the girls showing clear admiration of the magical boys… wonder what she’ll think when she finds out the sexy dudes she was fawning over are actually high-school girls.

Aria: Ah, the messed-up love triangle. A staple of romantic anime.

Astral: Well, we’ve got Saki in love with Mohiro, Sakuyo in love with Saki (both male and female it seems), and Mohiro seems to have a thing for (male) Saki. Factor in Hyoue and whatever his deal is, the Cyborg dude as a “rival” of sorts, and now our new characters who may or may not have a thing for the male Saki or Sakuyo, and you’ve got yourself a nice recipe for disaster soup, I’d say.

Aria: …and we’re probably going to need to make a diagram of this love polygon. But really, what is Fujimoto’s deal? If he’s (“he” for simplicity, ‘cos nobody can tell with a name like “Ichigo”) such a terrible hero, why is he still in business?

Astral: Well he seems relatively capable, if a bit strange. I do wonder if that bit after the credits can be taken as canon, though… does he really have clones of himself?

Aria: I don’t really know myself, because that was presented as a TV show…

Astral: Exactly. Just makes it all the more confusing. I also wonder what he looks like under the mask, if he even has a face at all…

Does this count as having a face…? (Source: Mahou Shoujo Ore ep 4)

Aria: If the Monokubo illustration at the end is anything to go by…hoo boy, there are some potential horror scenarios right there…

I think there was some promo material that said Megumi Ogata was the voice behind Fujimoto, but even without that, Fujimoto does kind of sound like Shinji. (Or maybe that’s just my bias since I watched Evangelion last year.)

Astral: So… he didn’t just get in the robot, he BECAME the robot?

Aria: I guess in one way of speaking, yes. Speaking of horror scenarios, they made the Nice Boat return this episode. I’m worried it’s going to become a trend, since extreme violence is part of this show’s bread and butter.

Astral: Honestly, I’d kind of prefer to just see the blood and gore, as I don’t really mind it that much. Though I suppose the Nice Boat is part of the comedy the show likes to bring to the table.

Aria: Admittedly, the “violence” of this show is kinda tame (in comparison to, say, Madoka), so omitting that could either be a bit of meta commentary as to what can fly on TV…or just someone’s oversight. I’d like to hope it’s the former.

Astral: The show does like to present itself as a somewhat meta take on Magical Girls, so I’d like to think it’s the former as well. Whether that presentation is a good thing or not, though, is another thing entirely…

Aria: The essence of a good parody is being able to fit into the genre without overstepping the boundaries of said genre when the lampooning elements come in, I think, so the success of this show going forward will be dependent on how well it manages to mesh all of its elements together while still having that subversive humour.

Astral: Interesting analysis. And I think you’re right… that could be this shows greatest strength, or its ultimate weakness, depending how things go. And that gives me a chance to strike out with my newly-acquired weapon: The Bow of Betelgeuse!

The Bow of Betelgeuse is a powerful weapon that only a magical warrior of significant power and experience may wield. Drawing upon the power of the hero Orion, its arrows strike straight and true, aiming to pinpoint chinks in the armor of an enemy, potentially making their greatest defense into their greatest weakness.

Both: Magical Explosion!

Astral: That’ll show them not to mess with us!!

Our heroes’ work is done for another week. With renewed faith in their powers, the two detransformed and continued their usual blogging. However, something feels amiss for Aria here…

< To be continued in the next post… >

That’s the end of another part of the Spellbooks and Horoscopes collab, so what sort of potential do you think the new characters hold? Should we believe the bit at the end of the episode about Fujimoto and his daily life?

Well, we can always find out next time, so for now, here’s the Boueibu Happy Kiss part for this week.

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