25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Days 11/12

We’ve just gotten to the first lot of boys with differently-coloured hair. I’ll definitely try to keep you guessing with my picks…

Day 11 – Anime Male with Blonde Hair

Due to the streak of blondes I had at the start of the challenge, I was wondering if I’d run out of characters to use for this prompt, but as it turns out I haven’t…not by a long shot.

This character’s still fairly fresh in my mind for livening up an otherwise terrible summer 2017 anime season, but to some of the people out there, the memories surrounding him are undoubtedly much older.

Doesn’t ring a bell? How about if I introduce the character like this – “a foul-mouthed monk who’s talented at taking out demons using a handgun”?

Yessiree people, it’s Genjo Sanzo, 31st of China from Saiyuki. As deplorable as he can get with the extreme shooting, smoking and swearing, you gotta admit he’s cool in that nostalgic 90s kind of way, where anti-heroes were a much bigger thing than they are now. He also has some redeeming traits in that he has a fatherly relationship towards Goku and has an ability to hold his own in whatever situations he finds himself in.

You can’t really talk about him without discussing the looks, either – the violet eyes, the lean figure that packs a punch (both figuratively and to the heart), the overall rugged look and, of course, the blonde hair. Since I’m mostly familiar with Sanzo through the Reload Blast anime adaption, I can tell you that blondeness is plot-relevant even though for most of Saiyuki‘s run it’s (probably?) nothing but a joke on how monks should be.

(Alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you about the spoilers in this paragraph: Sanzo’s gold hair signifies his past life’s position as Konzen Douji, who ended up taking care of Goku and eventually died trying to free him. Goku called Konzen “the sun” due to that hair of his, so when Goku eventually meets Sanzo it triggers some feeling of meeting again, even though Goku can’t really remember when and where they met the first time.)

Day 12 – Anime Male with Black Hair

Ooh, no contest here. Just because Mel’s picked this guy in the past doesn’t mean I can’t pick him, either…so my choice for this prompt is Touken Ranbu‘s Izuminokami Kanesada.

Well, first of all, since this is a prompt about black hair, you gotta appreciate those long dark locks of his. Doesn’t matter whether you look at him in an anime, manga or something else, Kane-san just wouldn’t be Kane-san without his signature hair flowing behind him and that Shinsengumi-inspired outfit of his. (It does also help I have a very specific thing for the black bodytight shirt he wears…)

Regardless of who’s in control of his actions, Kane-san is always intensely loyal and willing to mow down enemies to that end. He doesn’t mind having a bit of banter, whether it’s with his polar opposite Mutsunokami or his so-called “assistant” Horikawa, although that short temper of his does put him in a pickle at times. He’s extremely masculine, but not afraid to think of himself as looking “pretty” either.

As for how he’s specifically treated in the anime, I’m aware he’s pretty popular – he is a Shinsengumi sword, after all – so that means he gets a great share of characterisation over the two shows and he is basically the protagonist of Katsugeki as the leader of the Second Unit, to boot, which demonstrates his leadership skills. Regardless of what you might think of the characterisation in Katsugeki, you can’t argue with the fact choosing to follow Kane-san was definitely the more interesting of the two units we’re introduced to for story purposes as well.

I found an interesting Kane-san quote on the wiki, so I’ll use that to cap off the post:

“Sentimentality for a past era is what made me who I am up until this moment.
But I know I can move past that now.
Wielded by you, I’m a fine blade fighting, even now, on the front lines. Isn’t that right?”

– Izuminokami Kanesada, Kiwame letter 3

Oho, two tough guys this time. Let’s see what Mel and Arthifis have got for their choices and make sure to stop by Lina’s place as well.

So, what do you think about my choices? Alternatively, which of the two hair colours do you think is better?

5 thoughts on “25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Days 11/12

Add yours

  1. Oh God Sanzo is one hot character! Not my favorite of Saiyuki but close too.

    About Kane-san, the guy is just to beautiful the only thing is, his hair are a really dark brown😅 not black. I know there is some place where it’s listed as black, but it’s just a really dark brown. Like Sousuke in Free!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess your favourite from Saiyuki is Gojyo…?

      I always thought of Kane-san’s hair as black (barring a few exceptions for lighting in Katsugeki), so I’m going to stick with my choice.

      Liked by 1 person

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