Spellbooks and Horoscopes – Mahou Shoujo Ore Ep 5

This time, Astral shows his hatred for Studio Pierrot! But what the heck did they do to catch his ire?

After finally succeeding against a particularly stubborn Boueibu opponent, our heroes turn their eyes towards the future.

Aria: Did I jinx something when I said “don’t overstep the boundaries of the genre” last time?

Astral: Yeah, uh… WTF was that episode, anyways? Until about 1 minute from the end I was 100% convinced it was filler. I’m still not entirely sure if it even was or not!

Aria: They did, admittedly, update where Saki and Sakuyo were with those Okinawan scenes…

While the girls enjoyed some time away, we were left with a mindboggler of an episode… (Source: Mahou Shoujo Ore ep 5)

Astral: I don’t even understand what we’re watching anymore. Was all of that real? Hallucination? I can’t imagine they could conscript hundreds of animators to work on a ridiculous project like that, and make them wear paper bags on their heads.

Aria: (I think the six Fujimotos had plastic supermarket shopping bags, but I think that’s beside the point.) I was thinking this episode was an exaggeration of its own production during the anime production parts…but what are your thoughts in that regard, since I haven’t seen the closest anime analogy to what happened (Shirobako)?

Astral: Shirobako is a masterpiece, for sure. I guess that maybe it’s possible. I didn’t see a huge correlation between it and Shirobako, but that might be because it was so heavily exaggerated, it was hard to see the initial inspiration through all the madness.

Aria: As for what they’re parodying, I kept trying to check for a Shinzo Chiba online, but nope, the closest you get is an athlete of some sort. At least they didn’t lie about Suginami, though – apparently that’s where Sunrise and Bones, along with a bunch of other anime studios, are based. (Pierrot was heavily lampooned this episode but they’re apparently based in Mitaka, which seems to be close to where Chizilla began his rampage.)

Astral: Pierrot deserves some harassment though. They’re definitely my least favorite studio, and most of their recent work has been awful.

Aria: You can’t really hate them if they’ve created smash hits though…right? (Although that may just be bias from the Ode to Anime Studios coming through here….) Speaking of smash hits, the Osomatsu-san parody at the start is no coincidence since that’s by the main Pierrot studio and Mahou Shoujo Ore hails from Pierrot Plus, whatever difference that makes.

Astral: In all seriousness, though, other than the plugs and gags about various anime studios and stuff, what did this episode really accomplish? I feel like the episodes up to this point at least did a pretty good job of progressing the plot, but this one? It feels like nothing was accomplished at all, with the main characters only appearing for about 40 seconds total screentime.

Aria: I’m not sure if you were aware of it, but Mahou Shoujo Ore’s source material was only 2 volumes. This was probably one of two natural consequences of that (the other being the idol girls from last episode, although the ultimate outcome on that is pending)…i.e. The episode did everything it was meant to do and didn’t shift the plot anywhere drastic.

Astral: Yeesh, that would explain why there’s already so much filler content by episode 5.

Aria: Can’t do anything about it, I guess. Speaking of drastic changes, if you pay attention to the credits, you’ll see they got 6 separate voice actors to do different Fujimotos, none of which were Megumi Ogata (I wonder if Fujimoto’s voice is meant to change every episode, like how famous voice actors take on monster roles in Boueibu…). None of them were actually reprising roles from Osomatsu-san either, but I think that was intentional for parody’s sake.


Sorry Pierrot, but as much as you like parodying Osomatsu-san, you’re going to have to stop soon… (Source: Mahou Shoujo Ore ep 5)

Astral: Interesting, I didn’t notice that. I suppose that Fujimoto is going to become the show’s running meme, then?

Aria: I guess so.

Astral: They’re gonna have to really work hard with everything they’ve got in order to keep things interesting while having a very minimal amount of material to work with. I guess it all depends how they manage their anime-only content, honestly.

Aria: As much as I’d like to say “this episode shows that Mahou Shoujo Ore can scrape by with minimal content due to how off-the-wall it already is”, I did find myself zoning out a little because initially I couldn’t see much relevance of Chizilla to everything else this show’s already offered. It’s only in the later half of the episode where they namedrop Kaito Ishikawa (male!Saki’s voice actor) and show they’re working on Mahoutsukai Watashi that things really do come together for the audience.

Astral: I caught on to those points as well myself. Unfortunately, I still didn’t enjoy the episode all that much; I felt it was easily the weakest showing thus far and honestly… boring. It felt to me like a bunch of nonsense that they tried to tie together into a cohesive and clever “plot twist” right there at the end, but I just really didn’t enjoy it all that much. The comedy, the show’s strong suit, was pathetically weak, there was no meaningful plot progression, dialogue, or character development, and the whole thing simply felt like a waste of my time while watching it. I won’t be sure until the show is complete. But it might be one of those cases where the show is actually better off without that episode even existing in the first place…

Aria: Now that I think of it, I didn’t laugh too much this episode compared to the other ones. That’s a death knell for a comedy, especially one like this that’s being spun from the bare minimum…yikes, I think this is the harshest we’ve been to a show in this collab so far!

Astral: I generally try to not be too harsh when reviewing a show, but sometimes these episodes come up that just make me genuinely irritated. It happened a few times with Sanrio Boys last season, too, where the show just kind of lost its whole identity and fell apart.

Aria: Maybe it’s a good thing I still have Sanrio Boys on hold, then…?

Astral: It was a bit of a trainwreck, to be honest. Speaking of which… it’s also by Studio Pierrot.

Aria: Wow, that definitely brings us right back to where we started. So, I think it’s time we finished things up here.

Astral: I agree. Hmmm… I wonder if I have anything in my arsenal for this… Let’s give this a try, shall we?

Origin Cascade!

The Origin Cascade is a powerful burst of energy that resembles the birth of a new star. As an attack, it targets the origin of whatever it hits, eating away at its roots to erase it from existence. If an object or being has a strong identity and a strong origin of creation, the attack will have little effect, but for opponents with shaky foundations, it’s very dangerous.

Both: Magical Explosion!

Aria: Did we finish them?

Astral: I think we dealt with this one pretty handily!

Aria: Phew. It seems like that was pretty close, though.

Despite the fact Aria seems to be doubting herself here, our heroes detransformed and parted ways for now. It’s only a matter of time before the opponents do our heroes in, though.

< To be continued in the next post… >

So what did you think of this episode of Mahou Shoujo Ore? In fact, does any of this episode make any sense in the context of the show (aside from the small parts where we actually do see Saki and Sakuyo)?!

The next part of this collab is on the Zodiac Room, so you can head on over there to see us talk about Boueibu Happy Kiss.

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