25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Days 13/14

We’re just over the halfway point…

Day 13 – Anime Male with Brown Hair

Brown hair gives the feeling of “some boy next door”, doesn’t it? Not with my choice – it’s Ushii from Juuni Taisen!

Ushii’s entire matador look isn’t something you see going on in anime a lot. Combine that with the long dark locks and undeniably striking horns (?) of his and you have a fine package, even if he does look a bit sleep deprived in whatever media he’s in…plus you have to admit the boy has skill when it turns out his sword Gobouken is actually able to be widely-found in the Juuni Taisen world, and it only becomes deadly in his hands. Well, he ain’t called the “Natural-Born Slayer” for nothing! The fact you don’t learn how Ushii got to be so skilled may be an unfortunate side effect of trying to tell too many stories in one series, but in Ushii’s case it also reinforces that air of unattainability that makes him so appealing.

People say the parts concerning Ushii and Tora are some of the best in Juuni Taisen, although they tend to say it’s not as good as the beginning. Indeed, it’s Ushii’s black-and-white philosophy and the way he gives Tora her wish that makes them so compelling.

Day 14 – Anime Male with Blue Hair

It turns out I don’t have that many choices for boys with blue hair. It’s probably because the hair colour’s so unrealistic in comparison to other colours…

I don’t think too many people will recognise this one – Rintarou Kira from Kenka Bancho Otome – and I blame that entirely on the show’ episode length. Gripes about the show aside, Kira-senpai is a martial artist (specialty: boxing) with a heart of gold hidden underneath his stoic veneer. His position at the top of the second-years at Shishiku Academy puts him in Hinako’s way initially, but it turns out the two knew each other at the orphanage (and I’m a sucker for the childhood friend trope, no matter how hackneyed it is). Certainly, he’s not a flashy idol guy like Mirako and he is a pretty late-stage boss in the anime itself so he’s a bit hard to talk about, but there’s just something really sweet and chill about this lone wolf, regardless of whether he’s an object of affection or a companion in the way of the delinquent lifestyle.

(You’ll notice this one’s kinda short in comparison to what I’ve done for other characters. Strangely, my original choice for this position – Ohjiro Mihara from Angelic Layer – only has blue hair in colour pages/covers of the manga. His hair is dark green in the anime, and if you compare his hair to Icchan’s it probably just means it’s black in the first place. Ohjiro’s Angel Wizard, however, has blue hair regardless of whatever media he’s in and so would have been a more appropriate choice. Obviously, I can’t say much about Wizard though…Also, imagine my surprise when I discovered anime!Ohjiro was an absolute gentleman, while manga!Ohjiro was a pervert…)

We’ve got Arthifis and Mel’s choices here and Lina’s here, so don’t forget to swing by and check them out. I anticipated some level of Kuroko no Basuke involvement from them this week…just not as much as there actually happened to be.

So, what do you think about my choices? I ended up scrapping my writing for a few blue-haired boys multiple times over the course of the week, so hopefully the final product was actually something good.

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