25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Days 15/16

Arthifis and Mel extended their challenge, so Lina and I are extending our challenge as well. That means 10 more boys that what we previously had – look forward to the related posts!

Day 15 – Anime Male with Red Hair

I don’t think I had too many choices in this hair colour pool (especially because I’m trying not to pick one that could be considered “orange” instead), so I’m going to go with a more obvious one this time – Riku from Idolish7. (Of course, this is just a good excuse to bring him up, because the show got out of its hiatus and on to the completed list recently…)

Despite his weak constitution, he still manages to embody the passion that red stands for with his activities as the centre of the title group. Due to this, he’s constantly making others worry about him (including the audience, I know I worried about him a lot), but never underestimate this boy’s ability to try his best and cheer people up, because he will! Story-wise, he’s the protagonist more than anyone else, and yet he still manages to hide quite a few secrets from the audience right up until he slips up, but that’s part of his charm as well.

I wouldn’t be wrong in saying Riku is dedicated to his brother (Tenn), but actually…I think the bond might be stronger on the other end of that relationship…

Day 16 – Anime Male with Purple Hair

According to Taishi from Boueibu Happy Kiss, purple is a combination of red (meaning “contrasting vitality”) and blue (meaning “tranquility”). Well, he may lack “contrasting vitality” but he most certainly loves tranquility…it’s Kyoutarou, from the same series.

(C’mon, this one was even harder to find candidates for than even the red-haired boys – I think I only had Dark from DN Angel, who I can barely remember and doesn’t count because of all that “Dark = Daisuke” mumbo-jumbo, and Kyoutarou. Cut me some slack for relying on the magical boys…)

As much as I think Kyoutarou not caring about anything and sleeping in the bath is going to get old eventually, he’s the resident lazy boy and you already know how I feel about that. (Plus, he’s so set in his ways it’s startling to see him being portrayed as anything but lazy, which pretty much makes him my ideal boy on that factor.) What he thinks are speeches to calm down the opponent are just as likely to alienate as they are to work, but that’s very much just him being himself, which is admirable in a way.

Something that’s quite noticeable about Kyoutarou are his eyes. Not only are they pretty in that sort of way only bishonen can pull off (plus they’re pretty much the only hint Kyoutarou will be the leader before you actually see it happen in episode 1), but the injoke from way back in the planning stages of the first season is that En had “the eyes of a dead fish” and Kyoutarou continues that legacy.

As for other elements looks-wise, he’s a bit of an oddity for a standard magical boy – I mean, who decided purple, curly hair went with red eyes and being team leader? – but I guess that’s a parody for you…then again, this is Boueibu we’re talking about, so “tall, slender and shown with lots of skin” is part of the package here, and for that, I ain’t complainin’.

Here’s Mel and Arthifis with their posts and Lina with hers.

So, whch of these picks do you like better? Are there any better choices out there for purple- and red-haired boys I should be aware of? Arthifis’s choice of Murasaki was pretty hot, but I haven’t seen Hamatora yet…

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