25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Days 17/18

These hair colours are really arbitrarily thrown together, huh?

Day 17 – Anime Male with Green Hair

Well, after that complaint with the blue-haired boys, I can finally talk about Ohjiro as he is in the Angelic Layer anime!

Since he hails from a CLAMP work, of course he’s easy on the eyes but I think it’s his power within the setup of Angelic Layer that makes him so cool – after all, he’s a regional champion of the game with all the fame to go with it, and he’s Icchan’s stepbrother, meaning he has access to a bunch of inside knowledge that would go really well with some sound strategies. He is the only guy in the show that is particularly handsome one way or another (as opposed to the wacko Icchan or the more plain Kotaro) plus he definitely suits the princely character his name suggests, which does help his prospects. (Note for those who don’t speak Japanese: The first kanji in his name means “king” and the other two mean “second son”.)

Anime!Ohjiro is a lot cooler due to how a few volumes of manga got stretched into 26 episodes, so you get to see him shoot down the Fujisakis’ scheme…welp, the Fujisakis weren’t in the manga if I remember right…and you even get to see him being shipped with Misaki (which I think I supported while I was watching this show, but it’s been a while since then), but the main reason I prefer his anime version rather than his manga version was something I already mentioned in the linked post – manga!Ohjiro is a skirt-flipper with no explanation aside from “it’s funny”. You’d think Icchan would provide all the humour in this series since he’s the designated crackpot, but nope. Thank goodness Angelic Layer‘s manga only encompasses a few volumes, so you only get to see this variant of Ohjiro a limited amount of times…

Day 18 – Anime Male with Pink Hair

Surprisingly, even though I’ve struggled with some of these hair-colour categories, pink hair is one department that really likes to be serviced for me. That’s because Boueibu has the habit of having two pink-haired boys every iteration, but it would be a waste to keep relying on one show for the entire challenge…

There is a pink-haired boy I like in a non-Boueibu series that I’ve mentioned before in this challenge – Shizuma Mayuzumi from Prince of Stride Alternative.

As to why I like him, he’s extremely friendly and polite to pretty much everyone, regardless of whether they are friends or competition, and he makes a really good mediator (which isn’t a trait you see all that often in anime, strangely enough). Since he’s part of the Saisei Stride team, he’s part of Galaxy Standard as well, so add “Stride relationer”, “team vice-captain” and “idol” to the list of titles he has. You think this boy would be pretty full of himself since he’s dang OP in the skills department, and yet he always bows down to Reiji.

Of course, being part of Stride and idol activities means he’s no slouch in the looks department – much like Boueibu‘s Akoya, it’s the long pink locks that really characterise his look. However, Akoya’s often seen with his hair down while Shizuma often has a ponytail. Plus there’s something really serene about Shizuma’s grey eyes and overall aura that doesn’t seem to be replicable with any other character in this show. (Not to mention the fact his name kind of clues you into that – it means “silent horse”, as opposed to his brother Asuma’s “playing horse”.)

Well, that’s my weekly dose of hot boys for another week although of course, there’s always Arthifis, Mel and Lina’s posts to tide you over if you need more…but wow, I didn’t expect Mel and Arthifis to pick the same pink-haired character…

I really like these two picks, so what do you think about them? Have I been relying too much on the same series for all my boys? (Sorry, there’s only so much I can remember about all the shows that I’ve watched…)



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