Spellbooks and Horoscopes – Mahou Shoujo Ore Ep 8

After a draining past few weeks, Astral seems a bit worse for wear. Nonetheless, our heroes continue their quest to mow down their enemies…or as much as they can manage, anyway.

Aria: You win some, you lose some. In exchange for you suffering through Boueibu’s fanservice episode, Astral, today’s Mahou Shoujo Ore episode was a deluge of cheap jokes which only gave me a few giggles…with the exception of everything after the “brain out of order” thing.

“Brain out of order” – the perfect reaction to cheap jokes. (Source: Mahou Shoujo Ore ep 8)

Astral: I feel like this show is a really interesting blend that always leaves me somewhat conflicted. Certainly I wouldn’t say the show could be considered “good”, but I’ve found it to be, for the most part, very “enjoyable”. I think the stupid, cheap humor plays into that a bit and though it’s really not very well-written, it still somehow comes off as entertaining.

Aria: I dunno…I think the more I’m subjected to the jokes I don’t like (the ones where Saki is implied to step into dog poop, kicks to the nuts, the unexpected yoghurt joke), the more the show starts to lose its charm, really. But Saki’s mother really did make prospects look up again for this show.

Astral: A lot of that is, perchance, based on current social trends. People really find enjoyment in other people taking nutshots and stuff like that… I feel it’s kind of ingrained into our culture at this point.

Aria: Well, I think it’s just not putting enough thought into jokes, and the jokes I listed in particular I just find are just crass. But I guess that’s enough of my whining and moaning.

Astral: I think one of the best parts of this episode was Saki’s mom. We’ve not really gotten much of her thus far, so it was nice to finally have her in most of the episode.

Aria: Yeah, even though they didn’t do such a good job with explaining why her health was so bad all of a sudden (aside from “it’s her old age”), it was cool to see them finally have that “passing the baton” (wand, maybe?) moment. Also, I completely felt Saki’s pain when Sayori decided to show up to cheer her daughter on and embarrass her in the process. I know my dad’s like that, too.

Astral: It’s really rare to see a parent in anime, so it’s very nice to see one so supportive and loving of their kid. A bit of a break from the norm, in a good way.

Aria: There was a moment where Sayori was even treated as a main character (when she was walking through the crowd of faceless background characters), but yeah, I’m completely with you on that.

Speaking of characters that got an abnormal amount of spotlight though, the idol girls (Michiru and Ruka) seem set to take the stage next episode…which I’m not looking forward to, because I think episode 5 proved padding is the only solution to get this show to 12 episodes and yet simultaneously the worst part of this show.

Astral: Michiru and Ruka are the anime-exclusive characters right? They actually seem to be adding a fair bit to the show, or at least did in this episode. The shyness from the blonde one was pretty cute and entertaining to watch, and I think it adds an extra little dynamic to the show. What do you think?

Aria: I thought they were pandering to stereotypes. In the end, Ruka is just an older sister type and the blonde Michiru’s a tsundere, and they barely did anything aside from show off their dynamic a tiny bit, which didn’t add to the show overall. But because these sorts of “one trope characters” are made to carry shows like Sanrio Danshi and Boueibu, I get the feeling this complaint goes both ways…

Astral: Well for anime-only insert characters, and very side characters to boot, being somewhat one-dimensional is kind of a given. Still, they could have ended up far worse than what we got.

Aria: So you’re evaluating them that way, huh? Fair enough, then.


Did you watch the post-credits scene? You might’ve missed the punchline to a joke if you didn’t.

Astral: I actually did watch it this week! Are you proud of me?

Aria: In a sense, yes, but “did you even get the joke in it?” is the bigger question. (Hopefully you managed to skip over the image of Sayori’s magical man(?) form in the ED this week though, that scared the heck out of me…)

Certainly, this isn’t the most glamorous way to write around trademarks…but it does bring into question where the meet-and-greet was held… (Source: Mahou Shoujo Ore ep 8)

Astral: I’m not sure if I got the joke…other than the one about Sayori not actually being dead. Was that Disneyland censored in the background?

Aria: *facepalms* So you did get the joke I was referring to…Didn’t you know Japan has a Disneyland? It’s in Chiba prefecture, if I remember right.

Astral: No I knew that. I just wasn’t sure that I was right about what I was looking at… I’m glad that I managed to take notice of that though.

Aria: Speaking of things we aren’t sure about, do you think Yamo’s gold konjac trick will work? We certainly don’t see the ramifications of that in this episode, but it’s funny to think about in case it does come up later.

Astral: There must be something to it, because it seems like their popularity kind of exploded within a very short period of time, something which very rarely happens. Though I suppose that a sort of mob mentality could also have a hand at play here…

Look, we’re not being “jealous” of your popularity, we’re being “critical” – they’re two completely different things…(Source: Mahou Shoujo Ore ep 8)

Aria: Hmm, you’re right in that their level of popularity skyrocketing to the level it has would be rare. On that note, I think we’re set to wrap up right now.

Astral: I think you’re right, Aria. I’ve recovered from the strain of last week, too, so I’m in top fighting condition! Let’s take care of this enemy quickly today; come forth, Eventide Horizon!

Eventide Horizon is an ability that traps an opponent in a shrinking vacuum sphere of darkness. It prevents anything produced within from reaching an outside observer, so it’s perfect for dealing with an enemy that relies on cheap tricks and inside jokes to fuel its power. While the attack doesn’t really do damage, it weakens an enemy enough to allow for a very effective follow-up attack.

Astral: It’s weakened now! Let’s hit it with everything we’ve got!

Aria: Alright, I’m taking the lead on this one – Storm Warning!

Storm Warning is a reckless wind attack. However, it is good at clearing the attacker’s mind and allowing them to focus on the task at hand. Even though last time this was used on a pun-based opponent, it works for all sorts of other jokes as well.

Aria: Man, using our old attacks really is a blast from the past, even if we first used them only a few weeks ago…

Astral: It’s a testament to our growth that we’re able to use our attacks in different scenarios now, I’d say!

Satisfied with another week’s work, our heroes detransformed and got back to their usual blogging. Even though the stakes are higher, they’ve proven their competence again and again, so future prospects are looking up.

< To be continued in the next post… >

I’m gonna pose this question to everyone – should anime-only characters and filler add to the plot of a show like I was thinking this episode, or should they be evaluated within their own limitations like Astral was thinking?

The next post for this is the Boueibu Happy Kiss post at the Zodiac Room – you know the drill by now.

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