25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Days 19/20

Hmm…what am I going to do about the bunch of new prompts? I know what to do for the titles of the posts, but I wonder if I’ll be able to pick some good choices…

Day 19 – Anime Male with White Hair

Eesh, the white-haired boys, the grey-haired boys and the silver-haired boys all in one post? You’re spoiling me and yet making my choices really hard…

…does anyone remember Konoha from Mekakucity Actors/the Kagerou Project? It’s been a while since I was into it, but let’s see how much I can remember…I still have one choice left in my arsenal of white-haired boys, and yet that one would fit the “hero” prompt better. That’s the only hint I’m giving on that future prompt!

Konoha fits some of those requirements I mentioned were my favourite – you can see him in occasional bouts of lethargy due to his past as Haruka and of course he has the white hair, but it’s short…Fortunately, the distinctive design, pink eyes and all, more than makes up for anything he lacks. Sure, he comes off as a tad cliche because the Konoha side of him doesn’t get a lot of development outside one-sided traits such as “amnesiac” and “big eater”, but a lot of these were integral to Haruka as well.

Speaking of distinctive, from the moment he first appears, he steals the spotlight. Well, heck, he wrecks a truck on his first appearance to save Hibiya and Hiyori! Can’t get any better or more heroic than that, right? Well, it’s too bad he spends most of the rest of his screentime being overtaken by the villainous Snake of Clearing Eyes…and hence most of his appearances don’t count, argh.

I’ll wrap this up by mentioning my favourite song from the Kagerou Project isn’t Kagerou Daze. It’s actually Yuukei Yesterday, which may explain some of my attachment to Konoha. The song’s catchy as all get out, sort of nostalgic and…well, if you’re not familiar with the franchise, you wouldn’t have known it was a love song between Haruka and Takane…

Day 20 – Anime Male with Grey/Silver Hair

I’m going to nick one of Arthifis’s previous picks and spin my own arguments for the choice. That makes it pretty obvious who this one is – Victor Nikiforov from Yuri!!! on Ice.

I don’t think I actually had any candidates for grey-haired boys aside from Victor and Yakumo 8th from Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, but at the time Yakumo has grey hair, he’s too old to count as being an “anime crush”. (To be honest, I’d rather go for the young version of him with the French waiter outfit, but that version of him doesn’t have grey hair, so no can do on that front.)

I think it’s the extremes that make him so appealing – he’s a living legend who’s constantly exceeding people’s expectations, and yet he’s extremely human with how he argues with and seduces Yuuri…but maybe not both at the same time. He goes all out for pretty much everything, although he does go too far at times, such as dropping everything to coach Yuuri. He’s afraid of losing pretty much everything he’s ever done to his old age (even though 27 isn’t old by most stretches of the imagination, it’s old for his chosen career), which makes the silver hair give him an air of melancholy on top of it enforcing the Russian stereotype in anime. (He’s also afraid of going bald, but…I don’t think he has anything to worry about in that department.)

Of course, he’s a figure skater so you can’t go past the looks either. Gotta love those piercing blue eyes, the occasionally-heart-shaped mouth and of course, that toned body…*swoon* Of course, he would fit my requirements better if he had the long hair from his teenage years, but he doesn’t suffer from having short hair at all.

Man, writing about Konoha was really troublesome due to the Haruka/Konoha divide. Haruka has black hair, but it’s hard to talk about Haruka without Konoha and vice versa…

Don’t forget to check out Mel, Arthifis and Lina’s choices for these prompts as well…oh dear. There’s quite the double-up this week!

So, it’s now over to you. Are there still fans of the Kagerou Project out there who are looking forward to Mekakucity Reload? Alternatively, can you guess who my secret white-haired boy is?



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