25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Day 21 and Extra Day 1

  Day 21 - Anime Male with Orange Hair I actually don't have that many boys with orange hair, come to think of it. I only had the one choice which I was set on - Chuuya from Bungou Stray Dogs - but after thinking over all the Touken Ranbu boys, it turns out I... Continue Reading →

The Cover Art’s Half the Fun!

After Cactus Matt brought out a favourite manga cover art list, I ended up thinking over all the fun things you can do with cover art and ended up with this list. It’s interesting to see what manga artists can do with their cover art to keep readers coming back…A lot of these are just... Continue Reading →

A User By Any Other Name…

This seems like a strange dilemma to have...but I have it, so I'll go ahead and explain it. A great blogger is always associated with their content. I mean, when I mention some bloggers' names, you'll instantly think of their blogs and vice versa. But this is not a post to test that. I've noticed... Continue Reading →

The Scare Factor in Girls’ Last Tour

The problem with Girls’ Last Tour is that it’s implicitly horrifying when it’s not being chill. Girls’ Last Tour is apparently relaxing to people who watch it…I understood that for the particularly straightforward segment The Sound of Rain, but otherwise the war implications made me fear what would’ve happened in a show that wasn’t as laidback as... Continue Reading →

Tricky Terminology

I was reading this article by ZeroReq011 (for the Juuni Taisen bits, of course) and I realised that my definition of “oneshot” and theirs differed. So, let’s think about some terms that differ between us anime and manga fans, and why they differ... I think the biggest term anime fans mix up would be “season/series/cour”... Continue Reading →

Breaking Pedestals in Bungou Stray Dogs

Did you know that Crunchyroll got the Bungou Stray Dogs OVA? No? Well, once you finish watching it...let me tell you: the Walking Alone OVA reminded me why I love Bungou Stray Dogs so much, writing-wise. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my love of Bungou Stray Dogs on the Spellbook yet. It sort of... Continue Reading →

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