25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Extra Days 4/5

Oof…more hard choices…

Day 27 (Extra Day 4) – Main character

Since I mentioned Bell last time, I’ll pass on him and go for another underdog protagonist. I mean, if Mel and Arthifis can get away with using “cute” boys rather than the more typical “hot” or “sexy” types you find in this challenge, then why can’t I?

For this one, I’m going with our boy Midoriya from Boku no Hero Academia. I think there’s more than enough digital ink spilt about this show already, but I can’t keep using that as an excuse not to talk!

Midoriya’s the purest of smol beans there is – from his determination to his fanboying about heroes big and small, you can’t help but root for him! His constant state of self-sacrifice makes him hard to deal with once he’s set on a goal, but he’s smart and can always find a way to get his way if the need arises. Also, even though he embodies what Jump loves best, “friendship, hard work, victory”, his timidness and strategy-making put him on par with Light from Death Note as being “anti-Jump“, and that’s part of what makes him and the series so fresh.

Even if you argue that he’s a bit plain around the edges, Boku no Hero Academia isn’t entirely his story – it’s All Might’s, Bakugou’s and everyone else’s just as much as Izuku’s, so even though we get Izuku as a vantage point from which to see this series, there’s more than enough room for development of everyone.

Day 28 (Extra Day 5) – Nostalgic (90s or older)

With all the reboots these days, it’s hard to determine whether I like a character because they were “resurrected” in a reboot or because I like the character as a whole…so I’m iffy on whether this choice counts, since I’m only familiar with Lupin III’s blue jacket versions (parts 4 and 5). This guy’s almost as classic as they come for the franchise – Goemon Ishikawa the 13th, whose first anime appearance apparently dates somewhere between 1977 and 1980…well within the boundaries of the prompt.

You’d think a stoic samurai like him isn’t quite my style, but he does align with a lot of the previous choices more than you’d think, especially Yato from the previous post if you think about the latter’s days with Nora or Mayu (plus Rabou if you want to go anime-original). His non-involvement and There’s just something timeless about Goemon’s particular old-timey style of chivalry that never gets old. Speaking of never getting old, Goemon is probably the most timeless of the lot, as you can update the guns Jigen works with and the tech at Lupin’s disposal, but you can’t really change Goemon’s sword and “Once again, I have cut another worthless object” shtick because it’s one of the core things that make a Lupin series…well, a Lupin series.

Most of my completed list for anime actually comes from after the year 2000, so I had to do some research to make sure I had details on him right. Apparently, Goemon wasn’t there in the beginning of the Lupin series (hence the word “almost” earlier), which makes me wonder what the series was like without him…and he was with Fujiko at one point, which I really can’t fathom for the Goemon I know…

So there you have it. Two completely different characters for the challenge today.

Here’s Mel and Arthifis with their choices (Lina’s in constant limbo with hers and she just said she’d be going on a break, so I probably shouldn’t be writing her name in anymore). I somehow get the feeling that there’ll be some overlap this week, although I’m not sure who it’ll be with…maybe it’ll be with my choice of main character? Boku no Hero Academia is a pretty mainstream series these days after all, if my anime club’s admin guys are any indication. Update: Nope, no overlaps at all!

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