25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Extra Days 6/7

I’m constantly updating the Spellbook – that is, its pages, menus and visual stuff, if not the content – so if you see any updates that weren’t there last time, they’re my fault.

Day 29 (Extra Day 6) – Magical girl

Okay, after checking with Mel if this should be “guy from magical girl show” or “magical boy”, it turns out both are fine – but do correct me if I’m wrong.

That said, I am watching Cardcaptor Sakura right now, so it seems quite fitting to pick Touya at the moment (Yukito would be better because Yue is right up my alley, but I know I haven’t gotten to the spoilery part of the show which involves that particular tidbit in the original series – Clear Card episode 1 spoilt the entire Yue twist, if you’re wondering how I know that).

You can see why Touya’s popular though – he’s constantly working, so he’s got a great work ethic (plus good plot reasons to appear everywhere!), and yet has enough time to hang out with Yukito and his family, plus study! That really is something! Sure, he isn’t Yukito – he of the magic and large appetite – but Touya’s protective of everyone he’s close to, no matter the relationship, and you just gotta love a boy like that. Plus the good looks. It’s a CLAMP work, it’s a given the boys look good (see Ohjiro in one of the previous entries).

Also, from that one Cinderella episode, he makes a great Cinderella…to laugh at.

Day 30 (Extra Day 7) – Shoujo

Anime-wise, I’m severely crippled in the shoujo department, but in the manga department it turns out I have a huge bunch of them.

Even still, this is one series I’ve only seen the anime for – Ore Monogatari!!.

Call me “a cliche groupie” for once, but I’m going to pick Suna. Suna’s very cool, kind of stoic, intelligent and of course very good-looking…you can see why all the girls wanted him and why he’s the quintessential shoujo romantic interest. Ore Monogatari!! is very much Takeo’s story, which makes the show really refreshing, but without Suna for Takeo to play off comedy-wise as well as consult for more dramatic scenarios, the show would be nowhere. Plus without Suna, there might not be Ai in the story either – Ai’s moment with Takeo was pretty one-note for a shoujo series, but it was pretty sweet.

That one cling-wrap scene though…poor Suna…

Welp, there goes another week – my two choices were actually really similar, come to think of it. The season’s only just getting started, so I should have the first episode impressions out in a week or so (minus Muhyo and Roji’s if it appears somewhere accessible).

As always, here’s Mel and Arthifis’s choices. Hopefully there are no overlaps this week. I bet someone’s going to have Yukito/Yue, though. It seems like he’s right up Arthifis’s alley, at the very least. Update: Nope, Mel had him though!

Update 2: Sorry, the save function cut off the intro message…

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  1. The Touya Cinderella episode made me laugh so hard. The only downside is that it kind of took away the hilariousness of Sakura’s gender-swapped version.

    But I do love how he could ostensibly just pick up Kero at any time and test whether he’s alive or not, but he respects his sister’s secret and goes along with things.

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