Spellbooks and Horoscopes – The Flashback Episode (Pt. 2)

It’s Astral’s turn for the flashback this week…

WordPress City. A bustling metropolis of words and ideas, where hundreds of people mingle and meet. On a street in this electronic jungle, a Ducati motorbike lets out a mechanical roar as it weaves through traffic, the taillight leaving a red streak of light in its wake. Rubber screeches at the bike takes a fast corner, pulling to a stop in front of a building that reads “Anibloggers’ Coalition, Inc.”

The rider steps off the bike, removing his helmet and shaking his long hair free, the blue fibers hanging down nearly to his waist. A somewhat inhuman figure, his long legs take the steps up to the front doors two at a time, and he pushes his way through the double doors to the building interior. A new employee had arrived recently, and he’d been asked to show her around, so he couldn’t afford to be late…again…

Astral: It wasn’t my fault that new donut shop looked so good…I just had to check it out!

Stepping into the office, Astral spied a boy in pretty casual, nondescript clothing standing there. Approaching him, he removed his sunglasses, slipping them into the pocket of his leather riding jacket.

Astral: Hey there, dude. You must be the newbie here, right? Your name was… Conan, or something like that, right? Nice to meetcha, sir!

Aria: Er…

Noticing Aria staring awkwardly at him, Astral scratched at the back of his head, his ears flickering a bit, nervously.

Astral: Oh, right, I forgot. I don’t really look human, huh? Yeah… that’s a long story, not particularly interesting anyways. You’ll get used to it eventually.

Aria: No, that’s not it.

Astral: Oh…then what’s wrong?

Aria: I’m not a ‘dude’!-

Astral: Oh, not a fan of being called ‘dude’, huh? I guess I let my casual attitude carry over, shoulda been more professional. I can call you Mr. Conan, or something?

Aria: *shouting* I’m a girl!

Astral: *in disbelief* You are?

Aria: YES!!! My name is Aria!

After that embarrassing exchange, Astral and Aria awkwardly decided to get to work on their first project with several other bloggers, working on it through the rest of the day. During the collab, they discovered a mutual interest in magical girls, and talked about them for quite a while. On his way out, Astral found a strange pin, which he gave to Aria to hold on to.

Sure, this ain’t Astral…but this should help you to visualise what’s going on, right? (Source: Megalobox ep 1)

The Ducati sped down a vacated highway in the early evening dimness, Astral contemplating on the strange day he had had. He’d gotten distracted on the way to work again, met a strange person, and had some interesting jobs ahead of him. He was so lost in thought, that he barely noticed the small item glinting on the roadway in front of him, until…


He slammed on the brakes, looking back at the thing he’d just run over. It was a pin, similar to the one he’d seen with Aria earlier, but the broken pin was leaking light. He walked over to look at the pin, and the glow grew brighter and brighter, almost hurting his eyes. Suddenly…


An explosion knocked him from his feet, a searing pain in his chest, and the world went black. When Astral next awoke, his chest still hurt, a small turquoise crystal seemingly embedded directly into the bone there. He was also tied up…and some sort of monster stood near him.

His own clothes were strange, his biker’s jacket replaced by a light grey jacket and pants, a scarf tied around his neck that evoked images of a starry sky, slowly shifting within the cloth somehow. Glowing orange pins held the cuffs, and a sash around his waist matched the scarf. His riding boots were still there, but they’d turned white as well. A matching staff, of some sort, lies on the ground a ways away, unreachable.

He struggled at the ropes, to no avail…and then a second monster showed up, leading a familiar face…

Astral: A-Aria? Is that you?


Huh, you can really see how Astral’s writing style differs from mine.

The final part of this collab is the post for episode 12 of Boueibu Happy Kiss, so here’s the link.

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