25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Extra Day 8 and Day 24

We’re two weeks out from finishing this thing. Considering how lazy I’ve gotten with some of these posts, though…I’m not entirely impressed with my output during this challenge…

Day 31 (Extra Day 8) – Romance

ReLIFE counts as a romance, so picking Yoake is allowed…right? Sure, Yoake is the one least romantically involved in the show out of the ReLIFE boys, but he’s part of a romance show and he’s a dude, so…enough dithering. It’s allowed. (LOL)

Yoake has pretty much the same thing going for him as Dazai of Bungou Stray Dogs – that is, all those mysteries that hide behind that smile are unraveled slowly but surely through the story he’s in. His surname’s kind of funny, since it means “dawn”, or more literally, “daybreak” (I distinctly remember Kaizaki questioning the veracity of Yoake’s name, that’s all). Without Yoake to tie Subject 001 and Subject 002 together, we probably wouldn’t have a story, either.

As for his personality, it’s manipulative but not entirely mean-spirited – which, again, brings up comparisons to Dazai, but Dazai used to be a lot more ruthless and can do that again if necessary. Yoake veers more on the side of “I’m constantly smiling and/or pulling your leg because I can”. It’s really vague as to whether you shold ship him with An, but I don’t…just in case, you never know about these things.

Day 32 (Originally Day 24) – Favourite BL Pairing (canon or not)

Speaking of ships…

I thought this was going to be a lot harder since I don’t do BL ships most of the time, but…I only have the one answer.

I think the only ship I ever genuinely had between two guys was when I got to the 24th episode of Evangelion and Shinji suddenly got along so well with Kaworu. I mean, there’s just no explanation for them getting along so well, aside from psychological manipulation (which didn’t seem to be happening, we’d spent the entire show seeing Shinji being broken psychologically in as many ways as possible so it would be pretty obvious if he were being treated any other way) or romantic infatuation.

I haven’t watched End of Evangelion yet, because I’m not sure where the licences lie for them in my region (they’re probably with the company that licensed the rest of Evangelion, though)…plus I don’t want to be complaining to Hideaki Anno where 3 + 1 is like all the other people who’ve watched End of Evangelion-

-Oops, got sidetracked. Where was I again? Oh, right…because I haven’t seen the movie trilogy, I can’t really comment on that further than what I saw at the end of the main series. However, if I do think about these two in romantic terms, their relationship seems a lot like a “star-crossed lovers” thing, doesn’t it? That is, using the term as it was in the actual Shakespeare play, i.e. they were bound to have a terrible fate as soon as they met…

Eesh, that was a pretty depressing note to end on, wasn’t it?

Anyways, here’s Mel and Arthifis’s answers for the week.

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