Merchandise Team-ups I’d Like to See for Summer 2018 Anime

Anime and buying merchandise go hand in hand, including all that themed merch, so thinking about what collaboration comes next from that duality is always entertaining. Some of these team-ups make a lot of sense, some are ironic and some…are just weird, to capture the spirit of things…

Note: All of these are hypothetical, as far as I know. If they do happen eventually, call me “a good guesser”. Then laugh with me.

Cells at Work! + Red Cross

I’ve heard the Red Cross where I am gives out cookies for blood donation. However, the Red Cross in Japan sometimes teams up with anime groups to give out clear files instead. So why not combine the cuteness of merch for platelets and Red Blood Cell with a blood drive? I mean, they already got the first episode for previous donators…

I can see it now: “Donate your Red Blood Cells, and we’ll give you access to ours!”

Harukana Receive + themed volleyball equipment (alternatively, Harukana Receive + Attack on Titan)

Sure, any sports show could work, but Harukana Receive had the most obvious point of “we’ve teamed up with the official volleyball makers so we can show their logo!”, even more so than Hanebado! and Yonex…actually, it would be funnier to put Attack on Titan with it due to the name of said volleyball makers. Just for kicks.

Phantom of the Twilight themed café

Now this? This is the most likely to happen, simply because I’ve seen more than enough ads for pop-up cafes on anime Twitters that I got over my envy long ago. If there’s a “Café Forbidden” and pretty boys, why not just team up with Adores Café (or something similar) to sell food and drinks from the fictional place? You could move lotsa merch!

Asobi Asobase + Detective Conan

You won’t understand this unless you’ve seen the first episode, but…oh no, now I can’t unsee Conan with Asobi Asobase reaction faces…

Angolmois bus tours for Tsushima Island

If Boueibu can get away with doing bus tours to a hot spring town with the voice actors, Angolmois can do something like that too. Only…there’s, uh…more gore in the promotion…?

Music Girls + Idolm@ster series

Teaming Music Girls up with any of the other idol shows already has irony behind it, due to the initial position of their group, but the very name of the series I’ve teamed it up with makes this hypothetical team-up hilarious. That would be a lot of people to make merch for though, considering Idolm@ster has a lot of female characters (plus the Side M boys) and Music Girls has 12 girls including its protagonist.

I made this to temporarily fill up the gap from the Spellbooks and Horoscopes collab, but these sorts of posts are kind of lazy and I’m trying not to rely on them since in regards to posts, they’re my last-minute resource.

Anyway, what other hypothetical collabs would you like to see?




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