Must-read Monthly Monday (July 2018 ed.)

Like I said last time…where has the year gone???

If it’s not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 25th of June 2018 to today (23rd July 2018).

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Other People’s Reads

It wouldn’t be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour people’s archives on a regular basis, these may not even be from the right time period…

  • Yuuri Katsuki & Finding Strength in Yourself by D Talks Anime – I remember meeting D briefly before he decided to go on hiatus (I met them through the birthday post right before their leave), so I don’t think I really knew their writing style, so I feel a sort of melancholy when they get mentioned. That’s why I was not expecting a deep discussion on self-image in relation to Yuri!!! on Ice
  • The Art of Voice Acting in the Anime Industry: What Makes It a Noble Career? by Kurumi Shim – If reading the section under every Answerman segment on Anime News Network wasn’t any indication, apparently there are some people who want to be voice actors but don’t know how much effort goes into voicing even bit roles. While this post doesn’t exactly tell you how to become a voice actor, it does create a deeper appreciation of voice actors’ work.
  • Imagination is Our Greatest Gift and Curse: review of King of Thorn by Canne (Canne’s Anime Review) – It’s interesting to see where TPAB’s influence has gone over his 6 or so years blogging…it crept all the way to this person, and I’ve even seen Leap in some older bloggers’ blogrolls(!) That deviation aside, this review makes an interesting parallel to a movie (albeit one I haven’t seen) and does a good job with picking out strengths and weaknesses which I may or may not have glossed over in my allotted collab space during the clickbait collab.
  • Shiki – Now This is Horror! by Irina I was bingeing Shiki at the start of the month and read a bunch of content on the show, but during her blogiversary, Irina’s post appeared and blew all the other content out of the water…! A common problem between a lot of the content is that it’s possible to be “too positive” about it because even if it is done well, it’s an example of a genre that doesn’t show up often in its purest form and that tends to blind people to the show’s faults.
  • A Mother’s Love: Filling the Gaps in the Midoriya Household  by Natasha (Illegenes) at Shibirerudarou? (Isn’t it Electrifying?) – One of the anime bloggers I can’t get enough writing from makes another appearance, this time talking about Inko’s (Deku’s mother’s) role in Boku no Hero Academia.
  • Quiet Intensity – A Look at the Powerful yet Subtle Sound Design of Hanebado! by Jenn of Ani-Rambles (Welcome to Hell Zone!) – Sound design isn’t my specialty, but this post also goes out of its way to critique Hanebado‘s other elements along with the sound design, which makes it a lot easier to read. Also, it’s got a stroke of genius for a punchline.
  • The Warmth of Voice: A Short Analysis of Koe no Katachi‘s Beautiful Sound Design and Shot Composition by the Luminous Mongoose (Carnivorous L Reviews) – After having watched the movie this month, I can now appreciate both posts on both it and the manga. While I do think the manga does a better job overall with the story, obviously anime has aspects that make it stand out as well, so…another post on sound design. Also, this post helped me to finish a post I’d had in progress, so you’ll see it soon.
  • My Way or the Anime – All Good Stories Must Come to an End by Stilts for Random Curiosity I probably don’t remember Random Curiosity‘s heyday since I didn’t really pay attention to it, but welp, they must’ve had a heyday for a reason. If you’ve ever wanted a continuation of something in either the anime/manga or the comics/associated movies world (since this does namecheck comic franchises for comparison), maybe you should think again…There is a mild Gurren Lagann spoiler and some outdated facts though (notably Fairy Tail and Naruto ended).
  • Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori‘s Touch of Quality by Marina from Anime B & B – Even though this is an OWLS post, the post itself doesn’t really point that out and yet still has that “high quality” thing all OWLS posts I’ve read so far have going. That said, it’s also about spring’s surprise hit of the season for me. Both the post and the show it’s on may not be particularly deep, but they give you great service, so to speak.
  • Magnificent Manga No. 3 – Kaguya-sama by Plyasm – After binge-reading a bunch of Ply’s usual first impressions and having previously read one of Cactus Matt’s reviews on the very manga this is on, I ended up siding with this one for the promotion. (Sorry, Matt!) This manga’s getting an anime soon, and even though I’ve only read the first volume, hopes are high for when that anime does come out…
  • Muhyo and Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation Vol. 1 by…Jade(?)…at Gedou City – The most comprehensive manga review of a series you’re about to hear of  (from its anime’s August 3rd debut) is by a person you’ve and I’ve never heard of, because it’s their only post. Aside from the typoes, it does pretty much seem to be true to what little I remember of the series though. Info on the Muhyo and Roji’s BSI series is rare overall on WordPress, unfortunately, but luckily my local library still has their copies of the series…so hopefully I rectify that before the anime airs…
  • What (Else) I Watched Today: Holmes of Kyoto, Phantom in the Twilight, and more by Sean from Moe Sucks – This blogger I learnt about wayyyyyyy back in my days of looking for good Concrete Revolutio talk. Just to put that in perspective, I discovered the inglorious “Taking Off the Pants” posts of TPAB’s around the same time, so it’s been a long stretch of Internet Time. As for the post itself, it’s just a first impressions post, but it sure is funny (especially Phantom in the Twilight‘s, which makes up the bulk of the post). Unfortunately, most of everyone’s output this month was seasonal impressions, so this is the best I’ve got on that front. If you have any good posts to recommend, I’d be happy to share the love in August!
  • Watashi wa bucho!! 3 Months On. How Am I Doing? by Ty-chama – Discovered this blogger after one of Karandi’s weekly spotlights and now they’re asking for feedback after having a hiatus of a few years. If you’re familiar with them or their blogging style, be sure to give them some love!
  • 15 Best Anime OPs of Summer 2018 by Cactus Matt at Anime Q and A – I realised I haven’t focused on music all that much around here, even though it’s an integral part of anime. Well, in an attempt to fill that gap, here’s a recommendation to tide you over (although it’s just one of this blogger’s usual posts) because the post in 2 days will focus on music in a certain anime movie – which one? If you’ve read all the text in this post, you’ll know.
  • Calling All Anime Bloggers and Fans! Click this post for more details…because you know you want to. by Ayano (Kawaii Paper Pandas) – For those of you who’ve joined the judging panel, shared or otherwise read this already, this is a skip, but for those who aren’t aware, Ayano and Raistlin are trying to get their own award system (in the style of the Crunchyroll Awards) off the ground. Personally, I would’ve signed up as a judge, but due to unclear details on the real life side about whether I’ll be able to participate, I abstained…and then all the judging spots got filled anyway.

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Spellbook Offerings

Carried over from last month:

  • 25 Days Anime Male Challenge – This collab got extended for another 10 boys, so expect more hot boys on Saturday afternoons (my time). These posts definitely drop a lot of the uptight, almost-academic air I’ve got in my other posts, so if you’d like to fangirl over anime guys with me, feel free to.
  • Spellbooks and Horoscopes  Talking about magical girls would’ve been fine and dandy if they weren’t behind paywalls for me, so here’s me teaming up with AstralGemini to discuss magical boys for the spring season (and then some), with posts set for Sunday afternoons (my time). Due to the French Open, Astral’s side (Boueibu Happy Kiss) lagged one more week than it should have…

New this month:

  • Hitomi’s Role in Hinamatsuri – Finally, here’s a post on the show I enjoyed most this spring season – Hinamatsuri! The title pretty much explains it all, though…
  • Ode to Anime Studios – TMS Entertainment – Probably one of my better efforts for this series of posts.
  • An Assortment of Confusing Manga Titles – Sometimes, things in the anime and manga world don’t make sense. Especially titles like Bakuman. If you ever wondered if it were possible to top that, here’s an entire list of (all manga-exclusive and mostly English-licensed) titles that do.
  • The Complexities of One Localised TitleMahou Shoujo Ore was called Magical Girl Boy by Crunchyroll for a brief period and that doesn’t work…for multiple reasons…
  • The Pros and Cons of Shows in Separate Parts (TBR/W Post) – I’m not particularly proud of this post because it seems kind of lazy, but if you like Hinamatsuri, Acchi Kocchi, Nichijou or other comedy shows that use the system of having multiple storylines by separating the episode into parts, then by all means, read it.
  • How to Make the Hype List – So far, there’s been a post on the compilation of the watchlist once the season begins, but not how that list is made in the first place. The latter is this post.
  • Accel World Manga Vol. 1 Review – Now there’s a rare sight…an actual review. Not to mention, it’s a manga review – up until this one appeared, there’s only been anime reviews.
  • Who’s Up For The Challenge? – The AniList watching challenge has begun!
  • Merchandise Team-ups I’d Like to See For Summer 2018 Anime – From the silly ones to the ones that make sense, here’s a bunch of hypothetical team-ups. I had too much fun coming up with the craziest possible combo, so I can see why Remy does this sort of post every now and again…

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Blog Updates/Coming up next…

  • Over the past week or so, I’ve made a few changes to make the place prettier and more organised, including changing the blog logo (you can see a bigger version of it below). Hope you enjoy the changes. If anything’s messed up, be sure to tell me.


  • I’m holding back on first impressions until the 31st of July (the 30th for those who are out of sync) to ensure I can get in Tsukumogami Kashimasu…that is, if it shows up anywhere I can watch it. If I can get to Muhyo and Roji’s BSI, that’ll be its own post in August. However, before then, I’ll only be dropping hints here and there, so if you want to know my specific thoughts on a show, you might have to ask me directly or make a post on it…Of course, Nobunaga no Shinobi and Boku no Hero Academia are already part of the lineup.

  • It’s back to the daily grind this month…*sigh*
  • Since it’s August soon, that means we’re closer than I thought to the 1st year anniversary (November 21st 2018). A whole bunch of bloggers had their blogiversaries already, so I’ve already got rough plans for it.

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8 thoughts on “Must-read Monthly Monday (July 2018 ed.)

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  1. Ah, thank you for including me! As always you’ve dug up some good stuff that I would have missed…also I’m glad I saw your Hinamatsuri post on this because I missed it before, and I’m still not done thinking about that show & how good Hitomi’s character is…!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woah, I can’t believe someone actually reads the stuff I write, damn…
    But seriously though, Kaguya-sama is one thing you definitely should read, and I’m just sorry happy it’s getting an anime.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I ended up going through the archives while I was going through the first episode impressions…hope you don’t mind the temporary stat boost.

      I’ve read the first volume of Kaguya-sama (since the licensor put the first volume online for free for a limited time). While I do believe the nature of the “confession battle” was being a bit overused by that volume’s end, I’d still be up for more of it (because it looked like it was progressing towards longer arcs), so I’ll be keeping an eye out for volume 2 and onwards when I see them in print.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the confusing manga titles. Wow you found an old post of mine and one I really liked. Thank you so much for giving it a bit of life again. I must say, 8 months down the line and Shiki still lingers in my mind.

    Liked by 1 person

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