Who’s Up For the Challenge?

Here’s another Unwise Decision from yours truly…

If you’re not a forum lurker on AniList, then you might not have known that there’s now an AniList watching challenge (it’s modelled on the MAL ones that existed previously). There’s also a criterion involving picking a 90/9-rated anime from another user (see 11 below), so if anyone wants to select any of mine, go ahead. Obviously, if you want to participate, you’ll need to be an existing AniList user or make an account.

Here’s my scorecard/entry for my accountability and your perusal – it took me ages to fill in initially, so I don’t think I’ll deviate much from this:

  1. Watch an anime that combines your favourite and least favourite genre Elfen Lied There are no thriller/ecchi shows and the only thriller/mecha is Code Geass R2, so Elfen Lied has the psychological and ecchi genres.
  2. Watch an anime recommended to you by a fellow AL user Chihayafuru Asked in FAQ about recommendations through a certain forum game.
  3. Watch an anime with a number in the title Norn9: Norn + Nonet
  4. Watch an anime that aired this year Golden Kamuy
  5. Watch an anime with less than 12 episodes Konosuba (season 1) 10 eps
  6. Finish watching a show on your dropped list Acchi Kocchi Episodes previously watched: 05
  7. Watch an anime recently reviewed on AniList Caligula
  8. Watch an anime with an average score below 70% on AniList Jitsu wa Watashi wa Score: 67%
  9. Watch an anime with an average score above 80% on AniList Ping Pong the Animation Score: 85%
  10. Watch a one word titled anime Gamers!
  11. Watch an anime scored 9 / 90% or above from a fellow participant’s anime list Barakamon Fellow Participant: NotGhosty
  12. Choose an anime from any of the AWC moderators’ favourite anime list Zankyou no Terror Lazareen
  13. Watch a sequel / spin off / alternative to something you’ve already watched New Game!! Previously seen related series: New Game!
  14. Watch an anime with your favorite voice actor / staff member Magic-kyun! Renaissance Voice Actor: Yuichiro Umehara Character Voices: Teika Ichijouji
  15. Watch an anime from your favourite studio Boku no Hero Academia 3 Favourite Studio: Bones
  16. Watch an anime that aired during the winter Miira no Kaikata
  17. Watch an anime that doesn’t contain any of your top 3 most watched genres Tsuritama Most watched genres: Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Show’s genre/s: Sci-fi
  18. Watch an original anime Garo – Vanishing Line
  19. Watch an anime with a title that starts with the last letter of your username Amagi Brilliant Park (Note: My AniList username is “chesarka”, so it’s an A.)
  20. Watch an anime with the format of TV Short Tonari no Seki-kun

You’ll notice some of these shows are the ones for the TBR/W tag or just ones I’d mentioned previously that I’d be getting to. That’s because I intend to use this to clean up my backlog or my plan to watch list (hence there not being much reliance on currently airing shows outside of Boku no Hero Academia). The TBR/W tag still gets the first priority, but this is just there to give me another kick in the butt. Now I just need to not regret it or forget about it…

So, anyone thinking of joining? I know some people have sounded off on some of these shows in their posts already, but what are your thoughts on some of these shows?

6 thoughts on “Who’s Up For the Challenge?

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    1. Now that I look at the list again, all the shows seem to fall into two distinct groups – SoL and/or romance and gore and/or action. I swear that’s just a coincidence…

      Well, I picked most of them because I’ve started them or was going to start them anyway, so it’s really just a matter of whether I’ll enjoy the ones I haven’t started yet. Especially Elfen Lied, because that was specifically added to my PTW for this challenge.


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