Get Around to Watching the Dang Thing Already!

The one thing I find about long-term blog projects is that once I pick shows to watch, I’d prefer to hype up my project rather than watch the shows in question…

Long-term blog projects involving multiple shows are something I don’t do very often, and for good reason – I probably spend more time initially hyping up the project because I have so many other things I could be doing instead…which brings me to the question:

How do you pick and/or prioritise shows to watch?

Of course, if you watch simulcasts, current simulcasts would take priority, but when you have more than one show being simulcast on a certain day you’d then have to pick which one you watch first. Then again, if you’re at that point of the season where you’re completely sold for one show more than another or you just go by debut times on Crunchyroll (because that’s the boring way to do things), no biggie, right?

This also begs the question: if you don’t comply to those points I just mentioned, how do you pick what to watch at the start of a season? For me, it’s a combination of watching streaming services’ lineup pages and any other pages that could update me on their lineups. Then it’s a matter of picking which is the more hyped, since you might have noticed I rank my shows by hype at the start of a season, or what’s there at the moment if I’m not that lucky.

For backlog and bingeing, it gets a lot more difficult. Not only do you have simulcasts getting in your way if they’re around, but if you’re not watching anime all the time (which, admittedly, is all of us) other hobbies and real life undoubtedly bite into that time as well. Prioritising and being able to pick a show is, thus, definitely key.

This is where the choice of anime list comes into handy. See, one of the reasons I stick with AniList is the custom categories, which I use to have a set “Binge Watch Priority” category. I then take a few of these anime and rank them in order of how quickly they might disappear on me, whether there’s a second season available for them (either upcoming or current) or how much I want to watch them.

Sure, I could have someone else pick what show I watch next or have a recommendation service do it, but most of the time I’d rather be proactive enough to pick it myself.

So, how do you go about picking the next show to watch when given the choice? There’s many ways to go about doing it, so this’ll be an interesting discussion…

6 thoughts on “Get Around to Watching the Dang Thing Already!

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  1. For seasonal anime, I’ll use ANN or MAL to get an idea of what’s coming out, and based just on the key graphics, I’ll create a list.

    I’m on the lookout for a certain look, or expression, or gesture; something to fire up my imagination.

    A few weeks before the season starts, I might go through some promo videos, and I might not. It depends on how much time I have.

    I used to have a rule that I’d give a show 3 episodes. Hand Shakers cured me of that. I was literally (and I mean that in the strictest sense) physically ill after watching 30 seconds! It remains the only anime to make me sick! Aside from Hand Shakers, I try to last through an entire episode.

    It might sound like a stupid way to go about it, and having just articulated it, I think it’s dumb! But you know what? It works. In the years I’ve been watching anime, I’ve only missed a handful of shows that I wanted to watch. There must be something in the key graphics that give me a good indication of what I like. Wish I could tease it out! _That_ might be interesting!


    1. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone pick shows on the basis of gestures before…but so long as it works for you, it should be fine.

      Apparently quite a few others got physically sick from watching Hand Shakers. I didn’t get sick, but I did get to experience that dumpster fire when the first episode came out and jumped ship about halfway through.

      Key visuals are meant to entice potential viewers, so basically they’re just working harder for you, I guess.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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  2. If it’s seasonal anime then I don’t tend to watch them while airing, but when they’re over I’ll hear what shows people liked and watch them one at a time. I’d also read the premises and watch anything that I decide I might like.

    If it’s other anime I just read premises and hear things about shows causing me to be interested and check them out. I sometimes just press randomise as well and see what I get! The current show I’m watching was from a randomiser!

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  3. Interesting thought process behind deciding on your to-watch-list. I prefer to first finish any run-off anime series as it the next season, then based on my interpretation of the synopsis and genre of the upcoming anime (and get a feel from its pv) I then rank the order to watch them, keeping the ones I probably will love most last, and everything else is randomized. I like to leave the best for the last, which means they wont be watched until eons later, or if I feel like I need something exceptional.

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