Animanga Spellbook: Brotherhood (Award Post)

…because I can’t resist making puns on Fullmetal Alchemist, even if I have yet to watch it.

This Brotherhood of the World award was originally just from Rossiroad, but Keiko tagged me while I was working on it. Thanks to both of you – your nominations shall not be in vain!

More rules…

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions sent to you.
  • Nominate around 10 bloggers.
  • Create your own set of questions for your nominees and display the rules.

Ross’s questions

  • Who is your favorite comedian and why?

Comedian…? Don’t think I have one.

  • What do you do that you would describe as noteworthy? As well as that what do you do that is so unnoteworthy to be in itself noteworthy?

I mentioned I get a lot of praise for my spelling in another award post. It does have the root cause of having read a lot as a kid, but even when trying to guess spellings for words I’ve never seen before, I do tend to get them right on the first try. Names, on the other hand, sometimes take a few shots before I get them right…

Often, I carry some keys around on a lanyard. It’s unnoteworthy because it’s just a lanyard, but it’s noteworthy because I’ve been carrying one around since at least 2011 (I think there was a period that year where I’d whirl the lanyard like a lassoo just to show off…which is another reason Past Me was weird) and so there are some people who won’t really remember me without the lanyard.

  • What is something that you want to get into but just haven’t been able to? e.g music, boxing or yodeling

There are certain popular shonen I’ll auto-despise because they’re popular, but I’ll try the source material anyway and yet somehow reinforce they’re not for me…You’ll notice I don’t have discussions about a lot of the big shonen aside from Boku no Hero Academia – that’s one reason why.

…the list of shonen in that list might piss a lot of people off, but here it is: Attack on Titan, Bleach and Naruto (plus Boruto by extension). There also exists a similar case for Kuroko no Basuke, although I have yet to try it (so I don’t know if my aversion for the series is justified).

  • If you could learn/obtain one skill instantly what would that skill be?

The ability to understand people, regardless of language. “Universal translator”, but without having to deal with the accidental hilarity of Google Translate.

That way, you can travel without language barriers…and people can hire you for translation duties.

  • You have two machines. One can take you into the depths of space and you can travel across the universe. The other is a time machine which can take you to whatever point in time in the past or future. Which do you choose and why?

…you copied the previous blogger with this question, didn’t you?

The reason why time travel stories are so compelling is because people have mistakes they want to correct. I’m the same.

  • What do you do job-wise/school-wise? It just occurred to me that despite you talking about work and school quite a lot I have no idea what any of you do! This is more personal so don’t answer if you don’t want too (sic), I’m just interested and probably a little bit nosy.

I mention it rather offhandedly on the about page, but the topics I deal with most days of the week are computer networks and security, international studies and Japanese studies (including the language). It’s an odd combo – to the point where it’s noted said combo is pretty rare – but it keeps me on my toes. As to whether that list is for study or work…well, that’s a secret.

By whatever circumstances, I ended up signing up for a volunteer position at a manga library recently (although the database is so out of whack network-wise, there hasn’t really been much to do), so there’s that too.

Keiko’s questions

  • If you were the antagonist of an anime, what type of antagonist would you be?

I’d probably be a really weaksauce one who occasionally works with the heroes due to the circumstances calling for it and I’d probably be a well-developed character that’s first encountered early on in the plot. So basically, think something like Team Rocket from Pokemon.

  • What is your spirit animal?

I’d probably be a bird – easily panicked, but enjoys freedom, kind of weird while still fitting a definition of “normal” (in comparison to other animals). Then again, I don’t really like heights…so it’s not a very apt comparison.

  • Currently, what is your favourite song?

I normally like songs in small groups, so I don’t have one but I do have many – you can almost identify certain time periods depending on the group of songs I play a lot on Spotify at a given time. For instance, right now I like listening to Rocky by Tiesto and Kaaze, Riding the Waves by SunfreakzGet What You Came For by Kav Verhouzer and BullySongs and Believe by Cher (I admit that’s a weird one in comparison to the others…). Notably, there isn’t much anime stuff in there – maybe the occasional play of Anastasis from Yuri!!! on Ice, Peace Sign from Boku no Hero Academia or Flashback from Kokkoku – but that’s the way Spotify works.

If I had to give you one answer though, it would have to be this one: Broken by Dubvision. (Note the original mix has a really long intro, so you might want to skip to about 1 minute into the video to avoid it.)

  • What is your favourite season and why?

Spring. Not too hot, not too cold and if you don’t have hayfever, it’s a nice season. Also, it has pretty flowers.

  • What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Lately I’ve been partial to green tea-flavoured things, so I would say green tea if I hadn’t had green tea ice cream a grand total of twice (both at Asian restaurants). It’s the same case with boba tea ice cream bars, although I’ve only had them once.

So the answer would then be cookies and cream.

I don’t know who’s done this, but everyone I think of comes up as “done” aside from Yomu and Astral (plus Karandi and Scott, but they’ve had nominations from others). I keep forgetting to spam Shoka every second award, this time because he doesn’t seem to put anything out aside from OWLS posts, so he can consider himself nominated as well.


  1. Astral still owes me a post regarding Rokuhoudou‘s Napolitan, so what’s your favourite kind of pasta? If you don’t like/can’t eat pasta for any reason, then what’s your favourite noodle-based dish?
  2. What’s something you would have been happy to do ten years ago, but can’t (or won’t) do now for whatever reason?
  3. Who was the first WordPress blogger you remember interacting with?
  4. Who was your first tag/award nomination from?
  5. Which of the starter Pokemon is your favourite (from any generation)?

I think I’ll just nominate the three I put links for. Anyone else can call this a nomination, provided they haven’t done it before.

That’s all for this award. If anyone’s done it before but wants to answer the questions in the comments anyway, go ahead.

9 thoughts on “Animanga Spellbook: Brotherhood (Award Post)

Add yours

  1. Great answers! That lanyard is the perfect answer to the noteworthy question, spelling is quite amazing to have, I’m often surprised by what I get wrong, partially because WP spellcheck is american so it doesn’t really help me a lot!

    Yeah it’s quite easy to ignore a lot of shows from first impressions. I wouldn’t say that any of those are too great though I like kuroko no basket I would easily recommend Ippo over it. A universal translator is such a good idea, and I think a lot easier than just knowing every language and trying to switch between them!

    Oh no you found out I copied the question! Don’t tell anyone! (I just really liked that question)

    Both of those are great things to study/work as well, sounds great! Also you’re villain question was great, team rocket are lovable villains.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Universal translator sounds like an amazing skill to possess! 😮 what an antagonist you’d be… almost a non antagonist kind.
    Nice playlist you’ve got going as well. And as for ice cream flavour, you can’t go wrong with cookies and cream. I haven’t tried green tea flavoured ice cream. Was it worth it?


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