(Some of) The Most Average Anime I Have Ever Watched

Partially inspired by Kapodaco’s “top 10 anime I watched for some reason” list.

After watching a huge chunk of anime, you have a few you find disagreeable and then there’s just…the average ones…which become a bit of a memory test to remember.

So, in no particular order, let’s see if anyone remembers these anime…

Kage kara Mamoru!

Basically the epitome of Kapodaco’s “I watchd this for some reason” definition in a 2006 anime nutshell. It’s a harem with a female protagonist who can’t defend herself, so the lead, Mamoru, does the defending for her because he’s a ninja. It should be sweet and a bit silly, but it’s mostly quite stupid as said female protagonist cannot defend herself from anything…up to and including banana peels if I recall correctly. There are some other haremettes, including a ninja that was saved from a bear by Mamoru and a swordswoman whose enemy is nata de coco (I kid you not!), but I have no idea why Mamoru’s heart was so set on Yuuna (the defenceless protagonist).

Why did I watch this? For some reason, I ended up falling in love with Mamoru’s looks when he’s in Competent Mode. (Yeah, I know. Past me is weird.)

Brave Beats

A kids’ show. About dancing. Not my style at all – I probably couldn’t dance to save my life! There was also a very magical girl-style flair to how the protagonists transformed and defeated their opponents, so there’s one reason I watched this. The second reason is  my very specific taste in 2D dudes (again). However, the one dude I had a thing for just so happened to be the final boss…*sigh*

They did have a guest VA, who was a drama star/ninja (again with the ninjas?) in one episode, but even though he was meant to be an actual “hot” character…nope, I only remember liking the final boss.

Ayakashi: Classic Japanese Horror

One of the more recent entries on the list because my first watchthrough hails from February 2018, Ayakashi is one of those things which is nigh incomprehensible unless you love old Japanese things (so stuff like Short Peace’s Hi no Youjin). This one’s probably best remembered for spawning Mononoke – the bakeneko segment has the same style, which is why that is my favourite.

Needless to say, when I did see the first episode of Mononoke, it reminded me exactly why the show only works in small doses – the style doesn’t look very “anime” and is incomprehensible because it’s from a time long gone, with the concepts to match. Maybe after watching more historical anime, I might understand it better…

Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho (Grimoire of Zero)

This (apparently?) got confused with Re:Zero back when Amazon Strike was monopolising the anime scene, because there was a lot of “do not confuse this show with…” for those two. Anyways, it’s just a bland high fantasy with some commentary on racism which could’ve been done significantly better than it was, but I guess that’s what you get for an ongoing light novel adaption.

This one has the pedigree of Studio White Fox on it (responsible for personal darling Hataraku Maou-sama!), so you can see why I watched it. The show looked above-average, sure, but the rest of the show was kinda meh.

Osomatsu-san (season 1)

This was when I started paying attention to Anime News Network for simulcasts and they were all giving it praise for that wacky episode 1 – I am of the belief the show will never top episode 1, no matter how many seasons it gets. I still haven’t touched season 2 because a rewatch convinced me what the Japanese fans liked (the Gintama-style comedy, which was more focussed on bodily functions and the fact you’re not meant to sympathise with the protagonists) and what I liked (the blatant parodies of things like Mario Kart plus the more emotional parts) weren’t the same…Sorry, Gintama fans.

Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches

Oh dear…I’ve really drawn a blank on this one. I think I watched for the body swap element, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for at the time (why is the gender-bending category so weird…?). Still, it had Toshiki Masuda as class president Miyamura, so it wasn’t all that bad…

Morita-san wa Mukuchi (both seasons)

I’ll finish this list with a short-episode series, which is probably why this one’s drawing a blank as well…

I think the premise for this one was that this girl doesn’t talk. That’s it. The only reason I ever watched it was because the episodes were 2 minutes (or was it 3…?) apiece so it was easy viewing.

There’s a few honorable mentions which are more “bad” than “average”, but they’re Ameiro Cocoa (bad animation but 2 minutes an episode) and Scared Rider Xechs (name doesn’t make sense – it should probably be “Scarred” – but I intentionally took it on as a hatewatch and found some promising concepts along the way).

So, what are some of the bland anime you’ve watched that others might want to avoid?


12 thoughts on “(Some of) The Most Average Anime I Have Ever Watched

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  1. I really liked the manga for Yamada kun and the seven witches, but couldn’t be bothered to finish it 😂. And gender bending is so weird. Yamada-kun is actually pretty tame. One I’ve read is Boku Girl and it was really gross.

    Most average anime I’ve ever watched: Active Raid. It was so bland. I haven’t watched a lot of average anime because if it’s boring me, I won’t stick around very long. I guess that’s the upside to being noncommittal 😅


  2. Coming back because I saw my like and comment didn’t save…

    Any way, Brave Beats is so weird. It had a spiritual sequel type deal that was out there but I can’t remember the name right now.

    As for body swap and gender bending stories, I agree, anime really under does these for some reason. That’s so bizarre, you would think they were more common.

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    1. I think it was the spiritual successor to Tribe Cool Crew, although I haven’t watched that show.

      One look on BakaUpdates will tell you there’s a lot more gender-bend/body swap manga than you think there is…but IIRC, quite a bit of it is 18+, complete in a few chapters and/or just plain bad, which is why it doesn’t get talked about a lot.

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      1. Ah, yes, that’s correct! I couldn’t quite remember.

        As to that, I know there are lots of Manga and Hentai but not Anime, which is what I was specifically talking about.


      2. Actually, after rethinking it – light novels probably feed into it as well (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?, Kampfer), but either way, the point I was implying still stands – all the “good” gender-bending stuff (by some metric or another) gets adapted or should get adapted, by the way adaptions work, and there isn’t much that is known enough or considered “good enough” to bring to the small screen. That’s probably because of the reputation those stories have as 18+ material.

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  3. Haven’t seen any but Yamada-kun and the 7 witches, and I really enjoyed the mystery elements to it. Felt a step above the standard school / harem anime of similar type.

    As for the most average anime I’ve seen, I’d have to go with Demon Girl Zakuro. Although I really appreciate the anime for providing me with a great screencap of a certain moustached individual…

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  4. A lot of anime on here I’d probably watch myself in my olden days, particularly Kage Kara and Yamada-kun. I’m honored to have inspired this post in some way, and I enjoyed the dive into your anime history!

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    1. True, but for some reason “convincingly passing oneself off as another gender” (e.g. Haruhi in Ouran) sometimes falls under this category, so you never quite know what you’re going to get with a show labelled “gender bending”…


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