Ode to Anime Studios – Diomedea

I was put behind the 8-ball this month by a particularly annoying project (not a blog one, obviously), so it became a bit hectic the day before the round-up post came out…

…then again, you’re not here to read about my griping, are you?

You might not know of the name “Diomedea”, but you might’ve seen something from them. For a studio that started in 2007 (Diomedea n.d.), Diomedea has quite a bit of work under their collective belts, although not quite as much as MAPPA does (for their shorter span of existence) and not as much as one of the bigger companies like, say, Toei Animation. That said, a studio probably shouldn’t be evaluated merely by how much it puts out. How much it makes in moolah is the thing that keeps it afloat, even though putting out a lot equates to getting a lot of money back. On the other hand, they seem to have done a lot of in-between work (Anime News Network n.d.), which balances the equation out.

This studio previously went under the name “Studio Barcelona” (Anime News Network n.d.), although why it needed to change its name was beyond me when I first started researching about Boueibu in 2015. Well, it turns out it was due to restructuring and becoming a kabushikigaisha, because Studio Barcelona was what’s called a limited company(有限会社 or yuugengaisha, Diomedea n.d.). They’re based in Musashino (close to Suginami) and, as of April 2016, had 76 staff members (Diomedea n.d.).

Furthermore, Diomedea doesn’t seem to have anyone notable on staff, although they do seem to have some lofty ambitions in their corporate goals – all stuff mostly to the tune of “Don’t give up on dreams!”…which is a verbatim quote of one of their website’s subheadings (Diomedea n.d.).

They do, however, have some pretty infamous works under its auspices, for better or for worse – Kodomo no Jikan is infamous for being racy and Dragonar Academy is known for just being outright bad, but at least you can blame those on source material and not the studio…right? Well, almost everything Diomedea’s done is an adaption of some variety and someone has to take the boring adaptions for things like the Nihon Animator Mihonichi (responsible for Endless Night, seen to be the predecessor to Yuri!!! on Ice, AniList n.d.) and Anime Mirai (responsible for Death Parade) to stand out.

The reason I know of this studio is Boueibu, naturally, even though Diomedea can only be pointed to for the first season. As much as Diomedea is responsible for the more weird-looking visuals of the series, they have their own sort of charm and I really can’t imagine the first season without its muddy-looking visuals…If you’re not interested in Boueibu in particular, they’re also handling Chio’s School Road this season (Anime News Network n.d.).

Uh…this didn’t come out very appreciative for a studio appreciation post, but you’ve got to make the best of what you’ve got. So, what’s your favourite show from Diomedea?


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  1. Hmm… My record with Diomeda productions: Dropped 5, finished 2 (one of which I wished I’d dropped and is infamous for deviating wildly from the source), one in progress (and it’s noticeably uneven).

    Not a good track record…

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