If Anime Has to be Made by Japanese People…What’s a “Japanese Person”?

If the general definition of anime is “animations made by Japanese people”, then I guess rather than wonder about whether the staff is ethnically and by citizenship Japanese, you have to wonder… what defines a “Japanese person”? The reason I’m thinking about this is because Miyavi, he of the Kokkoku OP among other anime-related activities,... Continue Reading →

The Epitome of “Absurd, But Fun” (Phantom in the Twilight)

The problem with Phantom in the Twilight is…it's quite obviously flawed, so until you get used to it, you need to be prepared to yell at your screen a bit. Phantom in the Twilight is a bit of an odd duck. Its visuals sometimes go wonky, its ED is pretty much the only thing anyone’s... Continue Reading →

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