Saiyuki Reload Vols. 1 – 2 Manga Review

I wanted to find my own unique way of reviewing things and almost went with "turn the review into a story" approach, then I realised trying to make a story out of such a diverse medium was too here’s the review I was going to make fancier. Unless I start branching out into light... Continue Reading →

Collab Announcement! – Playing Cupid With L.A.M.A.

We’re bringing the team from the hot boys challenge (Mel, Arthifis, Lina and myself) back for a new collab – so, who makes the best pairings for our chosen anime boys? Find out this month!

Arthifis' Place

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

Did you think the hot guys would end after my collab with Mel ended? Well, think again! 😀 I’m so happy to announce a new collab! Playing Cupid With L.A.M.A.!

Thank you so much to Lina, Aria, and Mel for accepting doing this collab and I couldn’t be more excited to see how this is going to come out! 😀

anime crying out of excitement Another check in my bucket list :’)

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