On Rotation

The occasional Spotify tipoff for anime music will always send me into a tizzy, I swear…

The small list of songs I listed off for the Brotherhood of the World award got me digging through Spotify for the anime music that’s hiding in my Saved Songs list. Spotify can sometimes be pretty bad with anime music, to the point where they only have English or other covers for a large portion of their catalogue, but lately they’ve been getting better…

Flashback – MIYAVI ft. KenKen (Kokkoku)

This was namechecked last time, so naturally it’s something I’d mention. It’s quite the banger, so if you still haven’t heard it then take a listen to it right now. Apparently this is the only part of Kokkoku that’s any good though…

Lemon – Kenshi Yonezu

Yonezu’s Peace Sign is a bit of a meme for being a popular Boku no Hero Academia opening, so to contrast Flashback here’s a demure song which is also the opening song for the Japanese drama Unnatural (which I haven’t seen). According to an interview, Yonezu was going through some trauma when he wrote this song so it oozes melancholy, but I think it’s full of hope as well.

Aside from Peace Sign and Lemon, I also give Orion (a Sangatsu no Lion OP) and Nanimono (by Yasutaka Nakata, but it features Yonezu) the occasional listen.

Yuukei Yesterday – IA (part of the Kagerou Project, which spawned Mekakucity Actors)

Yuukei Yesterday is a cutesy upbeat romantic song which makes one long for the past. To tell the truth, the reason I’m so attached to this song was the one I chose to play on YouTube after what I now know was a failed attempt to start up an anime club at a certain school…

Flyers – BRADIO (Death Parade)

It was by finding Flyers on Spotify that I started gaining hope in regards to finding more anime music there, and of course it helps that it’s such a bop. BRADIO also have a nice song called Dragonfly (Tonbo) which occasionally gets another listen from me and Adult Hit Parade (Otona Hit Parade) isn’t bad either.

Upside Down – SHE’S (Angolmois)

This is one of the newest additions to the saved songs of Spotify, after this post tipped me off about the Spotify version of the OP (Braver by Straightener). For some reason, I’ve always been more partial to the ED than the OP of this show, even though both are nice songs…maybe it’s just the hopeful feelings of Jinzaburou, Teruhi and the others looking up at the wide sky in the anime version that makes me favour it.

That was just a small sample of the anime music I’ll punch into the search bar on Spotify, so if you ever stumble across any good anime songs there, I’ll be glad to know they exist. Of course, being able to type in Japanese helps with finding some songs (such as Tonbo)…

Over to you now. What’s your favourite song from the summer 2018 anime season (whether it be an OP, ED or insert song)?

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