Final Impressions for Summer 2018

I almost forgot it was time to wrap up another season…

Since I’ve already watched the first episode of Double Decker! Doug and Kirill (if it’s October where you are, check here for what I thought of that show) and written up what I want to see for fall 2018 (if it’s past September 26th where you are, see here for the list), it’s time for the wrap-ups. I’m always one week late though when it comes to shows, so depending on if and when I get to your comments, note they may or may not reflect the episodes not included in this post (since Planet With and Phantom in the Twilight are missing their final episodes in the below comments, and the other shows are missing their final two episodes).

From best to worst:

  • Planet With: At first, it was just another mech show with Ume’s name attached to it, but the more Angolmois declined, the more I was willing to move this up. That then got to the point where this show reached episode 6 and proceeded to worm its way into my favourites list, because if it’s doing everything Concrete Revolutio did without having the historical basis to confuse viewers, then it’s definitely something I’ll put all my love into. By the time I got to episode 11, I felt really proud of Souya, so…my love wasn’t misplaced. Sure, the CGI is kinda ugly, but it’s tolerable and it does what it’s meant to when big fight scenes are asked for.
  • Boku no Hero Academia 3: Despite a mid-season slump and succumbing to shonen tropes, there were some redeeming moments that dragged this slightly above Angolmois, such as the reveal of the Big 3 (which I’d seen on the BnHA wiki prior to their debut) and some pretty cool sakuga in the Deku vs. Kacchan fight. Now just strip Mineta of his hero licence, give Todoroki one and we’re golden.
  • Angolmois: Despite the rocky pacing, sometimes questionable choices (from a visual and plot viewpoint – even Phantom in the Twilight didn’t rely on stills the way Angolmois did and the former was clearly on a smaller budget!) and mid-season slump, Angolmois ended up decent. I did get used to the filter somewhere along the way, miraculously…but I think I came for the unique plot/Teruhi and stayed for the Toibarai, because the diving women were (probably?) more kickass than Teruhi was, while Nagamine is a series of really cool design choices in one character design. The only problem is it’s hard to get a read of him character-wise…
  • Cells at Work!: Formula. It’s not a bad thing for a show, the problem was the cancer episode was the best one because the rest of the time the show didn’t break it. That said, I enjoyed joking around with everyone about platelets and shipping Red and White Blood Cell.
  • Phantom in the Twilight: It may have been the most stupid and the most wonky anime I saw this season, but it was still fun. Power levels went all over the place, Shinyao went from zero to one hundred real quick and tech went up against magic (for the most part…what the heck is Wayne???), so some of the confrontations seemed kind of unfair but…eh, I tend to really love the “tech vs. magic” thing regardless of how messy it can get. Also, I found a Phantom in the Twilight manga on Comico (which makes Vlad considerably more sympathetic than he is in the anime)! If you can understand Japanese and have an account for that site, please support it because the Japanese BDs were cancelled.

…plus of course Nobunaga no Shinobi, which is the same as usual, carefully balancing its outlook on an uncertain and very grim future with lighthearted yet repetitive humour. The war scenes are getting pretty long, which is to be expected from a show about Nobunaga, but the death toll is getting closer and closer to home for Chidori, which is going to really do a number on her mental health someday…eep, it worries me just thinking about it.

Now that another season’s done what did you think of summer? Will it go down in your anime history as a great season or a terrible one?

6 thoughts on “Final Impressions for Summer 2018

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  1. I have enjoyed what I have seen of My Hero Academia season three. Got to agree that it is settling on a shonen routine though, with all these battle tournaments.

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  2. Well, I have watched five shows, Cells at Work and Phantom in the twilight being two of them, and those were alright. Cells at Work especially, and Phantom just a nice little show. I’m currently watching Island, and I have to say that I kind of enjoy that one too. All in all it certainly for me won’t go down as one of the best seasons ever. But I have heard a lot of that by others as well. 😊

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