Shippin’ the Half-Cold Half-Hot Todoroki with LAMA

It’s the final chance to choose ships and get points for the LAMA Cupid collab. Who will win? We’ll find out after we run through our choices for Todoroki…

It’s that time of the week again – time to ship some boys like your local postal service – and since Lina, Arthifis and Mel have each hosted a post, that means you’re stuck with me this time. By the way, LAMA is the four of us.

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Since we’ve done Nagisa, Aomine and Oga, that leaves us with Shouto Todoroki from Boku no Hero Academia. BnHA is one of those shows a large portion of the community is watching, but for those who don’t know, Shouto is the son of the number 2 hero, Endeavour. His father gave him a lot of angst and a lot to live up to, especially because he has ice and fire powers (from his mother and father respectively, which makes him the winner of a genetic lottery), and so was taught to use them to surpass the number 1 hero, All Might.

(Source: BnHA ep 24)

This means Shouto’s highly skilled but a bit too mature for his fifteen years. He’s a bit arrogant if not an “ice prince” in need of defrosting (depending on where you’re at in the story), although his mother’s care does mean he’s not entirely devoid of love. Shipping-wise, he’s quite diverse since a lot of characters, regardless of gender, could help him with his remaining emotional baggage. So who did we think was the best for him?

Aria’s choice (aka host’s choice):

I’m going to pick Yaoyorozu. Both she and Todoroki got into UA by recommendation and since they’ve been paired up time and time again ever since the tournament arc, you can tell there’s a deep respect the two share, if not more. Whenever Momo thinks about strategy, she will go “How would Todoroki do this?” first, and it looks a lot like how Uraraka thinks about Deku…just with less shoujo-style romantic connotations. Yaomomo and Todoroki’s powers are also very compatible, as Momo’s smarts and Quirk can cover for any weaknesses Todoroki might be facing (such as the tungsten from the provisional licence arc). Furthermore, at the end of the provisional licence arc, she clearly shows concern for Todoroki alongside Deku, so she’d be more than willing to help him with his daddy issues.

Behind you! (Source: BnHA ep. 35)

You’re probably going, “No Deku?” Well, it sounds like a more obvious choice in a collab full of boy x boy ships, so I’ll leave the others to claim that particular combo.

Mel’s Choice:

Ah Todoroki Shouto, the boy with daddy issue, I love the kid but this was seriously the hardest to find since I saw countless fanart and read a lot of doujinshi, but I really wanted to pick an unusual pairing for him. Okay maybe not that Unusual after all.


Iida Tenya aka Iguenium, Tenya can be a little tense and he might be extra careful about thing, but like Midoriya, there is time where Iida know the right word just to ease the people around him and it’s what Todoroki need. He need someone who will be able to keep him in check to not go overboard with his powerful quirk. Iida his more leveled ahead than most of the class 1-A and he doesn’t to remember the same mistake twice. Iida can also be quite observant and it’s a plus since Todoroki is not a talkative type, he would be able to see if there is something off.

Arthis Place:

You probably won’t believe me… But, I never watched My Hero Academy (I can hear the torches getting near my house already). Nevertheless, I studied Shoto’s personality in order to be able to pair him with the best guy!

From what I read, Shoto is a more of a loner. He’s cold, unemotional and aloof. From what I’ve read he also has some kind of daddy issues due to not being able to have a normal childhood because of his father.

Taking all of this into account, I think what Shoto needs is a nice and enthusiastic guy that will enter his heart and melt his personality. This, combining with having some similarities when it’s about their childhood so they can connect easily.


This way, I decided to go with Naruto Uzumaki! Well, probably you wouldn’t be guessing this one, but I think it can clearly work! First of all, Naruto also had a really difficult childhood. Second, he also wants to be a hero. Last, but not the least, Naruto already has a lot of experience in cold guys (Sasuke *cof* *cof*).

So, yeah, I think this pairing is a happy ever after kind of couple! Also, they look cute together 😀


Even though I have watched a little more than two seasons of My Hero Academia I still had a problem to find the perfect match for sweet Todoroki. Why? I really don’t know why. He hasn’t made that much of an impression on me despite his daddy issues and tragic childhood. Strangely. But, I do realise that what he needs, after a lot of thought is this guy. A happy, positive, outgoing boy who knows how to cheer up a whole team. A ginger (because someone said ginger on Twitter when I desperately cried out about not knowing who Todoroki really am I finally found him) with the will to win more than anyone. Much like Todoroki. Win that is. The guy I am talking about is of course Hinata Shoyo from Haiykuu!!


I think Todoroki would do well to have a companion in his life who could lift him and cheer him on, teach him to use his whole capacity to get to where he wants to be. Someone who doesn’t share such a sad backstory. And Todoroki could in turn teach this little guy a thing or two about how to study because in the end, Hinata sucks at school work.

So there’s our four contenders. Make sure to sound off in the poll for the best choice and we’ll be sure to announce the results soon!

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  1. Reblogged this on Arthifis' Place and commented:
    It’s the last week of September! So, you know that means! Time for the last post of the awesome collaboration Cupid LAMA!

    This time is Aria the hostess, so go to her place and look to the awesome lovers we picked for Todoroki! 😀


  2. Well…I have voted, and for a change I’m not going with Lina’s choice this time, but…drumrolls please: I’m going with yours! I think this really is the perfect pairing indeed, and well I just love Momo. Their powers are definitely compatible so that is another reason I think it’s the perfect choice😊

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